Barefaced Bass - Ultra lightweight high power bass guitar speaker cabinets

Barefaced Day in May



The Barefaced Day In May (during some kind of music festival which I think might be happening) is taking place in Brighton on the 11th of May 2019! Midday until 5pm.

We thought we'd have an open day for all you lovely people.

So if you have wondered what we are about, what our stuff sounds and looks like, if you are down to enjoy the great escape, or just here to have a day by the seaside then pop by and say hello.

We'd love you to try out our new GX and GXII guitar cabinets with your own guitars and amps, our bass cabinets and meet the Barefaced gang! We'll have our full range of Bass cabs (except an EIGHT 10) and our new Guitar cabs for you to try out! 


On sale: 

  • 8 prototype GX cabs with a variety of voicings and cosmetic issues. Some minor some more noticeable. It's first come first served and these cabs are going for only £160!! Product info here
  • Purple rainbow ONE 10 with peeling tolex. Only £180! Product info here
  • Orange Rainbow ONE 10 with peeling tolex. Only £180! Product info here
  • A range of prototype woofers both 10 and 12 inch, ONLY £10!!

It'll be a great chance to have a look at the factory and meet the team. If you're in Brighton for an unrelated music festival then please swing by and say hi!