Barefaced Bass - Ultra lightweight high power bass guitar speaker cabinets

Customer feedback 2022

Super Midget - Barbados - June 23, 2022

To all at Barefaced,

Thank you very much received the cabinet in great condition, played it on several gigs last one on double bass,

with a full horn and rhythm section playing salsa. Was able to hear myself and still get the bass response to fill out the band.

Very Very impressive for a cabinet with that footprint, Well done.(Will be selling my ten2 AI shortly)

Thanks again,


ps still contemplating a second super midget ,but will have to do some more gigs first :0)

One 10 - France - May 01, 2020

It finally arrived today, here it is.
I love it, it’s beautiful
Thank you so much for accepting my logo change request
It sounds insanely loud with the Quilter Bass Block 800.
9 kg of pure loud tone (7 Kg for the BF and 2 for the Quilter), probably the best power / size & weight ratio I’ve ever seen.
I couldn't try higher than 10 o’clock at home, I'm looking forward to try it in the rehearsal studio next friday.
My only regret is that my cat refused to stand on the amp to take the picture :-(
Thanks again
Best regards,


One 10 - ??? - April 26, 2019

I am enjoying the two ONE 10s you made for me. It’s really helpful to have the flexibility to use one or both – depending on the venue. I play in both small and large venues and when space is tight, the ONE 10 is perfect! I was impressed by your responsiveness when I asked about delivery dates and also with the quality of workmanship and sound. Well done and thank you!

Richard Teare

One 10 - Portugal - April 21, 2019

Just got my one10!! Where do these deep lows come from?!? I'm still afraid to push it too hard since I'm using a 500W head but damn it's sounding good 


Super Midget - USA - April 20, 2019

Played the American Airlines Center Party on the Plaza a coupla weeks ago. Amazing sound space that the SM+BB2 filled with some deep, tight tone.


One 10 - UK - April 19, 2019

Barefaced One 10 on last night’s gig! Best cab I’ve ever owned!


One 10 - France - February 20, 2019

 Just dropping a line to let you know that I had my first band experience with my ONE 10 yesterday. Alex, this cabinet is perfect!

So far I had been using it on my own, for practice and I loved its sound. But yesterday in the jazz workshop was a revelation. The sound is incredibly homogeneous across the frequency range. Each note is tight, full-bodied, punchy, clear and accurate. I was playing my Hervé Prudent five-string Lolita electric double bass through an Ampeg PF-350.

You've found the perfect formula! I had never heard that sound in real life (I had on recordings but not in real life). I just had to roll off the bass to 10 o'clock and add a little mid on the PF-350 EQ

I realize I had been trying to achieve this sound with my generation one Big Baby (no tweeter) and it took me quite a lot of tweaking: switching the midrange driver to "flat", fitting my Markbass MoMark with a tube preamp, fiddling a lot with the EQ (quite a challenge for me: a four-band EQ including two semi-parametric!).
With the ONE 10 it's all here, easy and straightforward. Congratulations and deep thanks Alex!


One 10 - ??? - February 15, 2019

I saw someone using a Two10 at a gig a year or so ago after I had hurt my back and needed to downsize my rig. I went to the workshop to try one out and was amazed by what they are doing down there. I bought one and have not regretted it. It's amazingly loud using my little Warwick LWA500 amp and sounds fantastic. It's so light as well and fits in any car boot. I can even have a smaller car too! I did about 30 gigs with it in the last year from blues to heavy rock and it never ceases to amaze the drummers that I play with that it can handle pub size gigs with no worries. I love it!! I'd recommend it to anyone and often do. If I was playing much larger gigs I would probably buy a second One10 (I did try this out in the workshop but at the time it frightened me (-; because it was so loud). My amp is 250W into 8 ohms or 500W into 4 ohms so works perfectly with this cab.


Super Midget - ??? - February 12, 2019

I was after some lightweight neo cabs and my research kept coming up with Barefaced products so I ordered a Big Baby 2 and a Super Midget.

Both sounded great and the difference in bass delivery from the Big Baby seemed marginal. The BB2, whilst light, is still big enough to be mildly awkward to carry so I returned it and ended up with two Super Midgets. They are ridiculously light and easy to carry. I arrive at a gig with a bass guitar on my back, an amp head in a bag over my shoulder and an SM in each hand.

These cabs are efficient, loud and they cut through beautifully - much louder than my Aguilar GS12s. They seem to be more audible without just whacking up the master volume. It's also noticeable that you can hear them more clearly than other cabs when you're very close up or at more of an angle. So the dispersion thing Alex talks about has a real value.

They're very clear and at their first rehearsal the drummer said: "wow, now I can really hear what you're playing". I only take one cab to the rehearsal room despite competing with drums and two guitars - one Super Midget is enough. On gigs I take two and have to be careful not to overwhelm a small or mid-size venue.


I also play double bass in jazz and big bands and one Super Midget is more than enough for these gigs.

Old bass players never die, they just get lighter gear!

One 10 - ??? - February 12, 2019

I ordered the one10 in search of a super small cabinet to build a rig with less than 10kg total weight for home practice and acoustic sessions.
To make it even harder, I wanted something that will handle a low B without dropping out on the volume too much.

My search ended.
The market of high quality cabinets that are tiny, both in size and weight, is rather small. And it is ruled by the barefaced one10.

You can easily compare this cabinet with most single 12" on the market without being unfair, this little box will keep up.

The 'bedroom tone' is huge, even at low volumes. This is the best cabinet for home practice I've ever played. In this regard, it beats barefaced's 12" cabs hands down because these get loud easily and need a bit of power to develop their great sound.

The top end has its limits, of course. You are able to keep up with acoustic drums if the drummer was playing with a light touch and your sound is not too bass focused with more emphasis on the low mids.
Don't forget: We're talking about a tiny, single 10" speaker cab here that weighs next to nothing.
It does a lot more than it should, though - based on my previous experiences with cabinets of that size.

Murdoc Schwalm

One 10 - Norway - January 21, 2019

Picked up this today. Was not prepared for the punch it packs. Even with the low A of a Dingwall NG3 it handles great. Can’t wait to gig with this!


One 10 - UK - January 18, 2019

My baby barefaced arrived today, so cute and small, really light just perfect..... Then I plugged it in and IT SCARED THE SHIT OUT OF ME. sat on top of my BTll I thought I had plugged in the wrong cab...... Blimey what a sound. Thanks guys another great cab. Just got to break it in a bit now........ 👶🎸🔊💨🎧 Yikes