Barefaced Bass - Ultra lightweight high power bass guitar speaker cabinets

Super Midget - ???

I was after some lightweight neo cabs and my research kept coming up with Barefaced products so I ordered a Big Baby 2 and a Super Midget.

Both sounded great and the difference in bass delivery from the Big Baby seemed marginal. The BB2, whilst light, is still big enough to be mildly awkward to carry so I returned it and ended up with two Super Midgets. They are ridiculously light and easy to carry. I arrive at a gig with a bass guitar on my back, an amp head in a bag over my shoulder and an SM in each hand.

These cabs are efficient, loud and they cut through beautifully - much louder than my Aguilar GS12s. They seem to be more audible without just whacking up the master volume. It's also noticeable that you can hear them more clearly than other cabs when you're very close up or at more of an angle. So the dispersion thing Alex talks about has a real value.

They're very clear and at their first rehearsal the drummer said: "wow, now I can really hear what you're playing". I only take one cab to the rehearsal room despite competing with drums and two guitars - one Super Midget is enough. On gigs I take two and have to be careful not to overwhelm a small or mid-size venue.


I also play double bass in jazz and big bands and one Super Midget is more than enough for these gigs.

Old bass players never die, they just get lighter gear!