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One 10 - ???

I saw someone using a Two10 at a gig a year or so ago after I had hurt my back and needed to downsize my rig. I went to the workshop to try one out and was amazed by what they are doing down there. I bought one and have not regretted it. It's amazingly loud using my little Warwick LWA500 amp and sounds fantastic. It's so light as well and fits in any car boot. I can even have a smaller car too! I did about 30 gigs with it in the last year from blues to heavy rock and it never ceases to amaze the drummers that I play with that it can handle pub size gigs with no worries. I love it!! I'd recommend it to anyone and often do. If I was playing much larger gigs I would probably buy a second One10 (I did try this out in the workshop but at the time it frightened me (-; because it was so loud). My amp is 250W into 8 ohms or 500W into 4 ohms so works perfectly with this cab.