Barefaced Bass - Ultra lightweight high power bass guitar speaker cabinets

One 10 - ???

I ordered the one10 in search of a super small cabinet to build a rig with less than 10kg total weight for home practice and acoustic sessions.
To make it even harder, I wanted something that will handle a low B without dropping out on the volume too much.

My search ended.
The market of high quality cabinets that are tiny, both in size and weight, is rather small. And it is ruled by the barefaced one10.

You can easily compare this cabinet with most single 12" on the market without being unfair, this little box will keep up.

The 'bedroom tone' is huge, even at low volumes. This is the best cabinet for home practice I've ever played. In this regard, it beats barefaced's 12" cabs hands down because these get loud easily and need a bit of power to develop their great sound.

The top end has its limits, of course. You are able to keep up with acoustic drums if the drummer was playing with a light touch and your sound is not too bass focused with more emphasis on the low mids.
Don't forget: We're talking about a tiny, single 10" speaker cab here that weighs next to nothing.
It does a lot more than it should, though - based on my previous experiences with cabinets of that size.

Murdoc Schwalm