Barefaced Bass - Ultra lightweight high power bass guitar speaker cabinets

Customer Feedback (old)

February 2020 Feedback

  The amazing Eirik of Living Room Gear Demos did a review of our Uprising 212V - Go check out his review and see what you think!     Big Twin 2 1...

January 2020 Feedback

Radical 212H - 14th January (USA)   Hey Alex, I received the cabinet and wanted you to know that it sounds incredible! I’m assuming the white line...

December 2019 Feedback

  One10 - 25th December (UK) Can I say a huge thank you to Barefaced for making one young man’s Christmas truly awesome. We ordered a One10 in mid-...

November 2019 feedback

  One10 - 30th Nov. (USA)Had a gig last week when I was asking my One 10 to provide a lot of output, and it obliged without failing and still sound...

October 2019 feedback

  Super Midget - 28 Oct. (USA) Hey Alex and Company, I love my Super Midget so much! Now I've decided to add a Super Compact so I'll have the abili...

Radical 212H
Customer Feedback Page

Radical 212H<br>Customer Feedback Page
Customer Feedback

Reformer 112
Customer Feedback Page

Reformer 112<br>Customer Feedback Page
Customer Feedback Mike - UK - 11.05.19  "The GXII holding its own at this big gig. Our sound guy asked me to turn it down!!" ...

Super MIdget
Customer Feedback Page

Super MIdget<br>Customer Feedback Page
Discover how our customers and friends have experienced their Super Midget Barefaced bass lightweight speaker cabinets on this feedback page.

Super Compact
Customer Feedback Page

Super Compact<br>Customer Feedback Page
Customer Feedback "sure, this picture's blurry but the bass wasn't - it was big time punch and focused motherfuckin tight... second gig w/...

Big Twin II
Customer Feedback Page

Big Twin II<br>Customer Feedback Page
Customer Feedback "First outdoor outing of the year for my BTII. The lead singer and sometimes bassist’s first comment post gig was “your ...

Super Twin
Customer Feedback Page

Super Twin<br>Customer Feedback Page
Customer Feedback "Proud owner of a super twin for two weeks now. Released it in the wild for the first time only on Friday. Wow, great so...

Big Baby II
Customer Feedback Page

Big Baby II<br>Customer Feedback Page
Customer Feedback Karlus Spain 7.5.19    Jeremy UK 18.4.19   Steven UK 8.3.19   Randy USA 2018     "Well, it sounds like the Big B...