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Big Twin II
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Customer Feedback

"First outdoor outing of the year for my BTII. The lead singer and sometimes bassist’s first comment post gig was “your cab sounded incredible, what is it?”... Rest assured - he’s now well aware! 😉"


Tyler UK 5.5.19 


"I received the cab yesterday!

Waouh the first sessions have been so good!

It sounds incredible, no words, warm and clean and super powerful!

And I've got the feelings it's going to be better and better...

Thankyou very muchchch again ^__^"


Héloïse France 22/03/18


"Hello Alex,

Thanks for the reply.

I really enjoy the cab, the dispersion is great.. no more finding a sweet spot to be heard.

Indoor i've got more power then i can handle ;) (without getting feedback).

Can't wait for outdoor festivals next summer, should be a blast.

The clarity (tone) is also superb; something i really dig with double bass.

Thanks for the input on the HF; my double bass doesn't have a lot of treble, that''ll explain why i won’t hear much difference.




Paul Netherlands 23/10/2017