Barefaced Bass - Ultra lightweight high power bass guitar speaker cabinets

December 2019 Feedback


One10 - 25th December (UK)

Can I say a huge thank you to Barefaced for making one young man’s Christmas truly awesome. We ordered a One10 in mid-December fully expecting to wait at least three weeks. But Alex quietly pulled out the stops and had it delivered on Christmas eve. Absolutely STUNNING customer service and a fantastic cab too. Our young friend now has the almost universal Elf One10 mini-rig. You made his day, thank you so much.







Reformer 112 - 24th December (UK)


Dear Friends at Barefaced Bass

I have now taken delivery of my new cab and have tested it using a Blackstar HT stage 100 Mark 2. This is without any doubt the best speaker cabinet I have ever heard or had the privilege to play through. My PRS Hollow-body 2 has never sounded better. There just remains the slight problem of having to provide ear defenders for the entire village if I were to switch from 10W to 100W mode!

My mandolin also sounds stunning on a clean setting.

I previously was delighted with my Midget, which I use in combination with a Markbass amp and my Birdsong bass, but really the Reformer 112 has the be the best speaker cabinet available in the UK at any price at the moment.

Many thanks and a Happy Christmas to all of the team




Big Baby 2 - 10th December (Germany)

Hi Alex,

2 1/2 weeks ago i got my BB2 – long enough, to give you a thought-out feedback:

After all, I read about the BB2 my expectations were really high, but they were beaten!

First impression:  ultra lightweight for this size, and very beautiful with the silver cloth and the rough black surface!

Then I played it at home with my KK-BabyBass (at low volume), and was really surprised about the low end and also, how precisely the HF driver can be controlled.

The heights are so clear and never harsh (i use additionally to the magnetic diaphragm-pickup of my KK-BabyBass a piezo in the Bridge, and piezos are tending to sound slightly sharp and harsh in the heights).

Over the years I used many cabinets, but such an accurate tone over the whole frequency spectrum I never heard. Every subtle nuance of an EQ-setting is clearly audible – fantastic!

Then second test: rehearsal with my 14-piece Salsa-Band. Now considerably more power/volume is needed: absolutely no problem for the BB2. Normally I use my 1x15“ Glockenklang with 400 Watts Celestion-driver and calotte-tweeter here. The Sound of the BB2 is more tight and defined, especially in the (low) mids. I’m excited. 

And then, third scenario: gig with the Salsa-Band at a medium Stage and big PA for about 300 people. I needed the BB2 only for the stage-sound, but at a relatively high volume. I cranked up my mesa subway D800 a bit more than usual. No problem for the BB2, I heard my bass clearly, and could’t believe that the sound came from a single 12“ speaker – the 12XN is really a beast!

Thank you so much for the development of this cab, I couldn't be more happy and I think this is my last one – or next-to-last, if i sometimes order a second one or a super-midget in addition





Supertwin - 2nd December (USA)

Hello Alex,
 Was able to play the Super Twin today. I really cant believe it. It actually does bedroom levels. Like beautifully. 
    My old amp and cabs... On volume level one there was no sound. Turn it up to two, and my dogs would run out of the room, and all the windows in the entire house would shake. Not with your Super Twin. Not at all. Plays like a practice amp at low levels. Really cant believe it.
    Thank you, so much, for sharing your genius, Alex. The Super Twin is an incredible incredible product. Absolutely gorgeous. You should be very proud of yourself, sir. 
    Wishing you all the very best.