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Reformer 112
Customer Feedback Page

Reformer 112

Customer Feedback

Mike - UK - 11.05.19

 "The GXII holding its own at this big gig. Our sound guy asked me to turn it down!!"



 GXII Model with Eminence Driver

Geoff - UK - 06.05.19 

 "I've had my GXII for about a month now and have to say I'm over the moon with it. I went from using an Orange 2x12 open back cab and a Marshall DSL100, downsizing my rig has been the plan. So now i use this 20w Marshall head. 

My clarity on stage is way better, although I'm always mic'd through the PA generally we don't have on stage monitors so I'm relying on what i get from my cab between another guitarist, bass (barefaced) and drums to hear myself. 

The GXII cuts through it all, I have the bass cut off as i want the fat Les Paul / Marshall tone so the low end is really good. I had a fantastic compliment last night from a fellow guitarist at our show who said 'whatever you're doing, you've got it spot on and don't change a thing'. I showed him my backline and he was blown away, sat snug at the back and almost hidden by a floor tom he couldn't believe the tone and volume i was getting. I knew exactly what he meant. Well done Barefaced, time i ordered myself a cover please!"


 GXII Model with Eminence Driver

Sebastian - Germany - 15.04.19

 "First Gig done with the GXII. I really like it very much! Great to hear everywhere. Oh and you can't see but my PA is a BigBaby 2!!!!"



 GXII Model with Eminence Driver