Barefaced Bass - Ultra lightweight high power bass guitar speaker cabinets

January 2020 Feedback

Radical 212H - 14th January (USA)


Hey Alex,

I received the cabinet and wanted you to know that it sounds incredible! I’m assuming the white liner material on the inside should not be removed, correct? 
Again, incredible work on this design. Best cabinet I ever played through. 
Many thanks,



Two10S - 10th January (Denmark)

Like the rich, velvety underside of a charging attack mammoth.

That’s with a Genzler Magellan 350 and a Bartolini equipped Jazz Bass.

Just thought you’d like to know.

Jody Barton


Reformer 112 9th Jan (USA)

Hello, I purchased the Reformer 1x12 cab and I really like it. I've been using it with the new(ish) REVV D20 amp, and with that amp you can load Impulse Responses of any cab. I'm writing to inquire if there are any I.R.s of your Reformer 1x12 cab. I would really like to be able to seamlessly switch between the actual Reformer, and an IR version for front of house or recording.



Super Compact - 3rd January (USA)


I own two of the super compacts and absolutely love them! I really wanted to pull the trigger on a super twin to add to the mix during your Black Friday sale when it was around $1000, but didn’t quite have the funds. I now do and was wondering if you have any other sales throughout the year as I can’t quite make it to buying a full priced one. If not, I understand, but thought I’d check in the case that there’s something coming up... I appreciate it and keep it up — these are by far the greatest cabs I’ve ever used/heard!