Barefaced Bass - Ultra lightweight high power bass guitar speaker cabinets

November 2019 feedback


One10 - 30th Nov. (USA)

Had a gig last week when I was asking my One 10 to provide a lot of output, and it obliged without failing and still sounded great, but it's time to get the right cab [a Two10S] for these gigs. Looking forward to getting it loosened up and hearing it on my upcoming gigs.



Big Baby 2 - 29th Nov. (USA)

The BB2 is excellent! Perfect size, shape, and tone variety for me.
Being powered right now by the Genzler MG350. Soon will be powered by a Crown 1502 into the Kemper into the BB2.
Cheers and have an excellent holiday season. If you get to Namm I’ll shake your hand then.


One10 - 22nd Nov. (UK)

I'm using the Bass 1-10 for gigs regularly and people are astounded how much it can put out and how good it sounds.



Reformer 112 - 29th Oct. (Germany)
(customised with G12M-65 Creamback)

everything ok. ;)
a perfect piece of cardboard was placed at the bottom of the box. It appeared that this was the the very bottom of the corrugated box.... Under that piece of cardboard the cable was placed :D
Well, it was 7:30 h this morning. Sorry for the inconvenience. Now to the most important.... The sound.

A little harsh in the upper mids but after the break-in this effect will disappear. I know the G12M-65 quite well.

Keep you informed. The guitar box is definitely a keeper.


second box has just arrived flawless. First box speaker break-in is more or less finished. Such an excellent sound!! Perfect for me!
Best boxes ever. Thank you!


Reformer 112 and Radical 212H - 12th Nov. (Australia)

(Reformer customised with G12M65 Creamback)

(Radical with customised with Neo Creambacks and 8 ohm impedance)

Hi There,

Yes the cover also arrived, and is great quality thank you.

I just spent 30 minutes comparing the radical (neo creambacks) with my reformer (g12m65 creambacks)

I was a bit surprised that the reformer 112 seems louder and punchier than the radical 212. 

I have an amp/cab switcher so I am able to instantly switch between the two cabs and compare.

I found the reformer is louder, punchier, and more present.
Whilst the radical is smoother, warmer, but less defined.

Both sound great and share a similar tonality but have a quite different attack and punch.
Both sound much larger than their size and weight.

I think I am preferring the reformer at this stage (this is most likely just the difference between the speakers) but I have yet to gig the radical 212 so will report back after I gig it.

I can't say enough about how good the reformer is, I have been singing it's praises to everyone I can. 
Last weekend I had several local musos approach me in disbelief of how huge the little 1x12 & Friedman PT20 rig sounded.

The reformer has actually saved my little Friedman PT20 head, when I used that head with my other cabs I had to turn the volume all the way up and was left with no room for a solo boost, therefore I had stopped using it in favour of louder amps. 
Since using the reformer with the PT20 I barely get the master volume on the amp up to 9oclock so have plenty of volume left for solo boost. And that's not to mention how clearly myself, my bandmates, and audience can now hear me. It's astonishing really.

I'm going to suggest your cabs on a few rig talk threads for people using low wattage heads like the Friedman PT20, and the Suhr PT15 etc

It really is incredible technology.

Well Done


Super Twin - 12th Nov. (USA)

Hello Tom,

I’d like to thank you ever so much for the delivery of the cabinet. It was received on Wednesday and I gifted that evening when my bf came home from work.

I was going to unwrap the whole package but I was astounded by the work of art that the cabinet is so I decided to keep it in the box so he could unwrap it.

Super Twin unboxing

He took it to rehearsal on the following night. He and his bandmates were blown away with the quality of the sound and that the sound was consistent no matter where one stands.

On Friday we went to see The Melvins and Redd Kross. Here is a photo of their backline which as you know is Barefaced, along with a photo of Mike Watt about 4 months ago with his Barefaced set up. You’ve probably seen their set up before but thought it’s always cool to see your works of art out being played here in Los Angeles.

Mike Watt, Buzz Osborne (Melvins) and Steven McDonald (Red Kross)

His birthday was actually on Saturday and he was definitely still feeling the joy of the great sound from the barefaced cabinet.

Thank you again for such a superior product and the excellent customer service!

Best Regards,


Upsetter 110 - 4th Nov. (USA)

Loving my 1x10, it’s paired with a 1 Watt Marshall JTM145CS and it breathes fire!