Barefaced Bass - Ultra lightweight high power bass guitar speaker cabinets

October 2019 feedback


Super Midget - 28 Oct. (USA)

Hey Alex and Company, I love my Super Midget so much! Now I've decided to add a Super Compact so I'll have the ability to cover nearly any gig. I'm currently using a Mesa D-800 and it works like a charm. You guys make the BEST bass cabinets!!



Super Twin - 28 Oct. (UK)

Hi Tom

Great cab, really made a massive tonal difference compared to my Ampeg and boogie cabs (also a lot easier to move, which was a major factor in choosing it). 

If you’d like a bit of feedback, I cut my finger quite badly on an overhanging corner protector (the one at the top of the port). Not the end of the world, and I’m guessing that in the rush to get it to me you may have had to skip a couple of last stage checks, but I spent most of Friday night both loving the tone and the weight, but also wiping away blood (luckily it was the back of the finger that bore most of the brunt). 

All in all, a stunning cab though, many many thanks


<Barefaced responds: Glad the cab performed well! That's very odd about the corner - it isn't something we officially check, they should be safe for installation with no sharp edges when we receive them - but obviously we handle them during fitting. It's the first I've heard of this happening in a few thousand cabs. How's your finger now?

Best regards,



Super Compact - 28 Oct. (UK)

Greetings Tom,

Can’t tell how much I’ve enjoyment playing through the Super Compact!  I’m thinking about adding a second one for bigger gigs but wanted your opinion on two stacked Super Compacts versus a single Super Twin? 



<Barefaced responds: Hi Mike,

In terms of sonic performance there's nothing in it out front. On stage, if you're tall and standing close then the extra height of the two Super Compacts can add a bit of audibility or you can stack them sideways if you have a big head that looks better like that. The ST probably has the edge in portability because it's still pretty damned small and light but has wheels and you only have to move one. But whichever way you go, I'm sure you'll love it!

Glad you're enjoying the SC!

Best regards,



Super Twelve & Reformer 112 (GXII CV-75) - 28 Oct. (Belgium)

I just got back from rehearsal and pushing my Super Twelve with 910 watts RMS. I've had a grin plastered on my face for hours now. Volume wide open and it's like the Super Twelve said: "Is that all you got? Gimme some more juice, bitch!" And the clarity and grunt, it just keeps barking like a wild animal, and if it had balls it would've slapped them across my face. Thank you so much for this quality, this beauty, I am grateful.

And the 1x12 guitar cab I got in the sale that's loaded with an Eminence is amazing too. You really hear the same tone anywhere in the room, mindblowing!

It's a shame most people still prefer Celestions even though Eminences are generally more efficient and sound better but what can you do. You guys need to make a living, I understand that.

That being said, I wanna put a Swamp Thang in there, I'm guessing the CV-75 wouldn't last long pushed with a 100watt tube amp and a guitar tuned to A?

Can I just slide a screwdriver in that fabric loop and pull the grill off? Is it front loaded?

Thanks again.

Best regards, Seb

<Barefaced responds: Hi Seb,

Glad you're liking them so much!

I think more power handling would be prudent if you want to crank a 100W tube amp. To take the grill off you'll need to loosen the bottom two metal corners so they don't get in the way, and then do the screwdriver loop pulling trick. Be firm but gentle and patient. The BCD and baffle hole diameter need to be within a mm or so or you'll have a nightmare!

Best regards,



Super Compact - 27 Oct. (USA)

I would like to say after playing on several boutique set ups over the last 20 or so years I am absolutely floored with how well the super compact performs. After using Mesa,Berg and Aguilar products exclusively I needed a high end smaller alternative after breaking my leg a few weeks back. I found a newer SC cab that someone had purchased but passed away shortly after.

I purchased a few days ago and had my first gig with it last night. We have a very loud band with a heavy handed drummer. I was very skeptical any single 12 could hold up, so I brought a Mesa M9 as a backup along with a few Aggie cabs. To my surprise my Mesa Walkabout head and Super Compact cab absolutely smoked! Sounded great with more than sufficient headroom. No one could believe something so small and light could put off so much clean monster bass.

I love my Mesa heads but I must say, my Mesa powerhouse cabs are going on classifieds. Whatever you guys are doing, you’re doing a helluva great job. I will promote your gear as much as I can possible so because I’m so impressed. Keep up the good work!!!! Justin


Reformer 112 (GXII GASC-64) - 18 Oct. (Germany)


Cab arrived safely.

I tested it against the Quilter Blockdock HD 12inch ... and what can i say ... the Quilter will be sent back :-)

Loudness is pretty much the same on them but the Reformer sounds so much rounder, warmer and overall nicer to my ears.

The fun fact is that the Quilter has a 300watts neodynium speaker inside and the ga-sc64 has only 40 watts but is as loud as the quilter :-D

Well done folks! I love it!

I now finally found my perfect lightweight combination. At less a quart of the weight of my fender twin reverb, but a nearly equal sound. Gotta love it.

Also loving the green tolex and silver front. Looks awesome.

Greetings from a very happy customer



Four10 - 15 Oct. (UK)

Hi all,

I finally got to test my cab last night and am very happy with it. Thank you so much.

Thanks again, Steve.


Reformer 112 - 14 Oct. (Switzerland)

Hi Tom

I received the cab on last Friday and used it straight away the same day. Of course the jury hasn't spoken it's final verdict, but so far I like it.


-It's really light and portable

-I really like the general voicing of the Celestion A-type speaker. Much better than the midspiked V30 which I nowadays avoid for anything but crunch tones for radiofriendly Popmusic, which I don't really play at the moment.

-Good quality cover, I wish every company building gear would sell something like this!

-Good spreading of sound in the room, at least in the one I played last friday. Drummer was happy hearing me without having to fiddle with guitar on the (single) monitor line.


-Don't really think the lo cut switch is necessary. I'm a bit afraid it could be a possible source for trouble with reliability in the future, and as i play small tube amps driven hard with this cab, I don't like the idea of it switching by accident and possibly damaging my pricey amp. I know this is unlikely going to happen, but still gives me an uneasy feeling. I probably will have my tech take out this switch/circuit after warranty expires and use some gaffer tape to keep the damn switch in it's place for the moment.

-Compared to my closed Soldano 1x12 (which I ran in paralell with the reformer in the end), the reformer lacks in low end and definition for palm muted stuff. It's not bad, but the Soldano is just much better.

-You promote your cabs as a revolutionary concept. We all know marketing text is not always to be taken literally, so I wasn't expecting a revolutionary experience. Your concept works somehow, there was a bit less beaming and a generally a better audibility across the room compared to the Soldano, but it wasn't that much of a difference. I assume it was about the same as using an open cab, but as I wrote: The jury hasn't spoken yet! So maybe I'll make other experiences with the cab at the next shows? 

All in all I'm happy with my purchase and with the communication with you guys, so thumbs up to Barefaced Audio!

Kind regards


<Barefaced responds: Hi Tobi,

Thanks for the feedback! When you've gigged it some more you may understand the benefits of the AVD and the low cut switch better (the latter is particularly complex in how it can help). The AVD advantage is most obvious in difficult rooms with dense mixes. Why do you think the switch is a likely source of problems in the future? Why do you think your amp could be damaged if you switch it by accident?

Best regards,



Reformer 112 - 11 Oct. (UK)


112 Reformer cab arrived yesterday in good condition, first impressions very positive after brief audition using Two Rock Pro 35 head (wife watching TV so volume limited!).

Sounded more ’neutral’ and less coloured I think.  Most noticeable was an increase in clarity of delays and reverb!

Will feedback more if you wish when have had more time with it in different rooms and it has bedded in some.

One question - 2 inputs - assume wired to add 2nd cab in series?

Please advise.



<Barefaced responds: Hi Keith,

Glad to hear it! The two speakons are wired in parallel, so if you daisy-chain another cab it'll receive the same voltage from the amp. You can still wire a second cab in series, just requires a non-standard loop cable to be made, or three single wire cables. Let us know how you get on with the cab!>


Big Baby 2 (dual cab stack) - 26 Sep. (UK)

I was at the Guitar/Bass show last weekend.  You looked busy – hope it worked out for you.  More people need to be using these – they are great!





One10 - 4 Oct. (UK)

Just a quick note about the One10 - I’ve been using it indoors at home for practice and it does sound awesome with my GK200 (mini) amp.

I’m now contemplating getting a second One10 to run with with my first one as the gigs I seem to now be doing are smaller house parties, pubs etc. that don’t require the Big Twin 2 cab treatment that I’ve still got (brilliant cab by the way!).

So - can I daisy chain the two One10s with the GK200 mini amp without doing any damage? Also, as the One10 is 8ohm if I run the two cabs (daisy-chained) will that be a total of load of 4 ohms? and if I do have the 2 x One10s connected could I run them with a GK 500w or 800w amp? Would a ~500w amp be the way to go?

Sorry for all the questions Alex - just want to make sure I covered all the options.......



<Barefaced responds: Hi John,

Glad the One10 is working well! Adding second One10 will work fine with your current amp or with either GK amp. Either daisy-chain or both from the amp, it's the same electrically.

Best regards,