Barefaced Bass - Ultra lightweight high power bass guitar speaker cabinets

SIX 10
Customer Feedback Page

Customer Feedback

Keith - USA - 28/01/17

"In the recording studio last week doing a live 3 track video thing. As always the barefaced cab delivered. Stunned the guys running the studio, they couldn’t believe how great it sounded."

Simon UK 11.05.19


"Still managed to squeeze the Six10 into a very tight spot in a pub beer garden yesterday. Gotta say the Orange BT Mk2 and the Six10 combo is killer for my sound, it's got balls!"


SIX 10

Colin UK 22.4.19


“Currently on tour with the David Brighton Space Oddity Bowie Tribute show in New Zealand. The SIX10 is doing the business!” 

Mark New Zealand 17/01/2019

“About to fire up this SIX 10 beast for the first time at band rehearsal. Gonna blow everyone away with awesome sound! As it said in the Barefaced instruction: turn it WAY up, then turn it down when the band complains 😄 Also trying out some DR neon strings, but I think they look a little tacky on my Pedulla.”

Vidar Norway 10/01/2019