Barefaced Bass - Ultra lightweight high power bass guitar speaker cabinets



"Incredible sound with my Barefaced BB2 and GKmb800. Round, brilliant, powerful, clear, etc... Anything else needed on this stage. Rock and growling sound!!!!
Barefaced, the best cab I've ever played in 27 years. Thank you guys, I really enjoy with it!"

Karlus Spain 7.5.19 


"Last nights practice. Loving the BB2, monster of a cab for such a light box"


Jeremy UK 18.4.19


"My first Barefaced cab. BB2
I am blown away at how it sounds!
Looks great and destroys all my other cabs!
Best club around!"



Steven UK 8.3.19


"The thing is just amazing. The clarity and definition is like nothing I've ever heard out of a bass speaker before. Twenty-something years ago I played a gig (on upright) using an Altec Voice of the Theatre as a speaker, and that's the only thing that remotely compares. The clarity and definition was unbelievable. Every detail of phrasing and articulation showed up at the speaker. All kinds of stuff that I can hear practicing at home through good stereo speakers but never heard on stage was right there, through the entire range of the instrument. Response time I've always thought of as something the electronics geeks talk about, and that you can see on a meter but can't actually hear. I'm over that misapprehension now. Response time is a real thing, and the difference jumps right out at you. And in both directions - I stop a string, and the speaker goes dead quiet right now. And your propaganda about dispersion - now I know what you mean. The box was on the floor, and I was standing less than a meter in front of it. It sounded the same as it sounded during soundcheck from three meters in front of it.

Last night I was accompanying an acoustic blues guitarist with whom I've been playing for years. He was also stunned. Every other song he'd look up and say (in German), "Love that amp!" The drummer from Scary Foreigners (my beloved rock/funk/jazz quartet) was also there for the first set, and he said more or less the same, but in English with a thick Scottish accent.

You're heroes. What you've done takes the bass cabinet game to a whole new level. Thank you so much for making this possible."

Tim Germany 2019 



“Last night's rig with my Weezer tribute band. Nothing but compliments on the tone, and it was a breeze to load in and out.”  

Randy USA 2018


Dear sirs

Last summer I went looking for just a lighter weight bass cab here in the U.S. for two reasons; my advancing age ( over 70 ) and a desire to continue playing professionally without carrying a “ ton” of weight around. Absolutely no one here in this country had  a product to fill my needs. I stumbled across your website online and couldn’t believe what I was reading concerning all the specifications. You folks have done all the research on the science of frequencies, porting, speaker design, cab construction, acoustics and how it all is related ! You had  not only the lighter weight product I needed but it DOES EVERYTHING YOU SAY IT DOES !

I have been using it for approximately 7 months now and it is ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL!  Other musicians cannot believe the sound/bottom/tone it is capable of and neither can I !!!  Incidentally, your quick customer service responses to my questions were certainly appreciated as well ! Not that you need it but, you now have me as one of your unpaid USA publicity agents.

Thank you and ,


Eric USA 29/01/18