Barefaced Bass - Ultra lightweight high power bass guitar speaker cabinets

March 2020 Feedback

Two10 - 6th March (USA)

Checking out some new heads and cabs, with the aim of sorting out a lightweight/compact rig for gigs around town that I can easily put in my trunk without me whining about it. Haven’t delved into this area in years, but I’m learning that modern amp/speaker tech is 🥜. So here we have a Bergantino Forté HP, with two Barefaced Audio Two10s. It’s crazy how much sheer impact this little rig has, with a very solid tone. And all three pieces together weigh less than 70 lbs

Justin Meldal-Johnsen (Beck, Nine Inch Nails, Air)___


 Super Twin - 8th March (UK)

Played at a club in Aylesbury this evening, as we were loading in I spotted a fellow Barefaced user loading into the pub next door. I was very grateful for the lightness of my Supertwin, as we were upstairs at our venue 

Si Burge



Super Compact - 9th March (UK)

Many thanks Barefaced Team,
That Super Compact is incredible! I am sure it will only get better as the drive unit wears in!! Sounds great, lots of bass, clarity and more punch than Tyson Fury!!
Very impressed, it may even put my Super Twin away for certain pub gigs with its volume and range! As well as being so light!! Could do wonders for my fuel economy and in turn the environment👍🤓
Thank you, and keep doing what you are doing! UK design and manufacturing rules!!
Kind Regards,
Chris H, 30Hz Low!!

Reformer 112 - 10th March (UK)


Liking it a little too much.  After warming it up I couldn't stop working it in and after a few hours of turning it up a little at a time I think I damaged my power tubes and have a crackle and hum in my amp now. I'm looking at new heads that can live up to the cab now. :)
Really lovely cab and nice sounding for everyone in the room.  Great clear punch and liquid transients (if that makes sense), I can really hear the amp and the speaker doesn't seem to get flabby at higher volumes (and loudness) than my other 1x12 cabs.  And definitely lighter than I expected.
Definitely worth the wait.

Two10 - 15th March (Denmark)

Greetings from Denmark,
I have the retro two10, (4ohm), used with a all tube Marshall super bass 100 w from 1969, with a 4 and 8 ohm switch. ( ohm switch on 4)
I really love the sound and weight of the cab, and my question is... If I add the new two10S, will it give me more power/punch/bottom for use in bigger venues or outdoor gigs?
(This setup compared to the retro six10?)
If so, should my amp ohm switch be set to 4 or 8 ohm, for the best performance?

With best regards,



Reformer 112 - 27th March (New Zealand)

Hi Alex
I hope you and all your family and friends are well at this time.
My cabinet arrived yesterday - chappers got it bang on - THIS IS THE BEST CAB I'VE EVER USED!
I'm actually a harmonica player - use a rig like a guitarist but use a preamp to fine tune the gain structure to use standard guitar amps/effects etc. 
The AVD device is exactly what I need as a harmonica player - it allows me to hear my tone and dial in my sound  no matter where I stand. 
Can't wait to get out and gig with it once this Covid19 settles.
Anyways all the  best 


Six 10 - 27th March (USA)

On a much happier note, here’s the big fancy rig I’ve been dreaming of for years!

Thanks again to the barefaced team!