Barefaced Bass - Ultra lightweight high power bass guitar speaker cabinets

ONE 10

"Just wanted to let you know that the cab arrived today, and I LOVE IT! 
Thank you very much for keeping me updated along the way and for making such an awesome speaker cabinet. 
I'm posting about it now on social media. 
Hope you have a great weekend."
Keith USA 28.01.17
"Cabs arrived this morning safe and sound. I love the tone! Cant wait to use them on gigs this week. I think I’m more of the coloured tone type, these have the right amount of honk that I like to my ears compared to the Big Baby II. Will let you know my thoughts after my gigs."
"With a few gigs done, I’m totally stoked! The tone they have meets the tone I have in my head more than any other cab I’ve owned, including my two Big Baby II's.
The rest of the band all commented on how they love the new ONE 10's. Big and tight bass, great mids that cut and are defined. The mellow top is not a problem, as I can push the tops on my Bass preamp if needed. 
So with two ONE 10's, Aguilar TH500, Sadowsky Bass, my sound is really happening. 
I think I'll have to consider moving on my two Big Baby II's as at the moment I cant see myself going back to them, most of my gigs have PA support, It’s really only if I have a large outdoor gig that I might need something bigger speaker wise. I haven’t had to push the amp too hard so far.
Have you had feedback/experience with two ONE 10's stacked on a really big stage? I’m wondering where the tipping point for needing bigger cabs is with this mini stack. Keen to hear your response.
Thanks, so happy!"
Mark New Zealand 10.03.18
"Just dropping a line to let you know that I had my first band experience with my ONE 10 yesterday. Alex, this cabinet is perfect!
So far I had been using it on my own, for practice and I loved its sound. But yesterday in the jazz workshop was a revelation. The sound is incredibly homogeneous across the frequency range. Each note is tight, full-bodied, punchy, clear and accurate. I was playing my Hervé Prudent five-string Lolita electric double bass through an Ampeg PF-350.
You've found the perfect formula! I had never heard that sound in real life (I had on recordings but not in real life). I just had to roll off the bass to 10 o'clock and add a little mid on the PF-350 EQ
I realize I had been trying to achieve this sound with my generation one Big Baby (no tweeter) and it took me quite a lot of tweaking: switching the midrange driver to "flat", fitting my Markbass MoMark with a tube preamp, fiddling a lot with the EQ (quite a challenge for me: a four-band EQ including two semi-parametric!).
With the ONE 10 it's all here, easy and straightforward. Congratulations and deep thanks Alex!"


Thierry France 21/02/19


"Just got my one10!! Where do these deep lows come from?!? I'm still afraid to push it too hard since I'm using a 500W head but damn it's sounding good "

ONE 10
Pedro Portugal 22.4.19

"Barefaced One 10 on last night’s gig! Best cab I’ve ever owned!"

ONE 10

John UK 21.4.19


“Picked up this today. Was not prepared for the punch it packs. Even with the low A of a Dingwall NG3 it handles great. Can’t wait to gig with this!”
Torgeir Norway 22/01/2019 
“My baby barefaced arrived today, so cute and small, really light just perfect..... Then I plugged it in and IT SCARED THE SHIT OUT OF ME. sat on top of my BTll I thought I had plugged in the wrong cab...... Blimey what a sound. Thanks guys another great cab. Just got to break it in a bit now........ 👶🎸🔊💨🎧 Yikes” 

Charlie UK 18/01/19