Barefaced Bass - Ultra lightweight high power bass guitar speaker cabinets


"To all at Barefaced,

Thank you very much received the cabinet in great condition, played it on several gigs last one on double bass, 
with a full horn and rhythm section playing salsa. Was able to hear myself and still get the bass response to fill out the band.
Very Very impressive for a cabinet with that footprint, Well done.(Will be selling my ten2 AI shortly)
Thanks again,
ps still contemplating a second super midget ,but will have to do some more gigs first :0)" 
Richard Barbados 23.05.19



"love it :) I’ve done a number of rehearsals it now with both of my bands and at gigs and it has performed flawlessly. I had thought that I would need at least two, but frankly it has been well loud enough on it’s own, even though my amp is essentially operating at 50% power into 8 ohms and i’m not pushing it at all. I don’t need 2 but I want another :) I think the extra cab will give me a bit more dispersion and will also look great :) One thing i’m still not sure about is that if anything the cab could do with a bit more bottom end wallop. I’m wondering if a super compact might be the way to go? Having said that I like the tweeter! Cheers"


Nathan UK 25.02.18



"Played the American Airlines Center Party on the Plaza a coupla weeks ago. Amazing sound space that the SM+BB2 filled with some deep, tight tone."

Gig shot
Kevin USA 20.4.19

“Alex Claber, you was right and I was wrong. I bought a fender rumble head 500 watts (4 ohms), end of november 2018, to paired with this cab and the amp was not enough loud (250 watts in 8 ohms). The recommandation of Alex was to paired the SM with the Orange terror bass which i didn't buy like i was supposed. At this moment, I just wanted to save $$$. The terror bass has the ability to put the amp in 8 ohms and the SM has 600 watts RMS to offer in 8 ohms. The result is totally unbelievably loud and clear and the high performance tweeter on the SM adding just what I need for the high frequencies. Finally, i sold the fender rumble and my new Orange works likes a dream for me. Next step is to test live but hahaha, I'm not afraid at all 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘
Thank you very much for your support Alex and Barefaced team !!!”

Pascal Canada 11.01.19