TWO 10

"Lots of clarity - doesn’t even need to be loud to cut through 👌"

TWO 10

Joe UK 11.5.19


“Rehearsing with the TWO 10 again last night and weight and power aside the best thing about this little box is the tone. Warm and solid in the mix in a reasonably loud rock band.”

Adrian Australia 16/01/2019


The TWO 10 arrived in great shape, thanks!  I’ll reserve comment on the sound until it fully breaks in, but so far so good!  This is now my 4th Barefaced cabinet that I own (not including the ONE 10 that I bought but resold due to needing more output for my situation).  I still find a use for each and every one of them. I ordered the TWO 10 because my SUPER TWIN and BIG BABY II don’t fit in the trunk (boot) of my new car (2017 Mustang convertible).  For the record, the TWO 10 just BARELY fits ;) I’ve attached a picture. It’s pushed as far forward as it will go. I think that is probably the largest bass cabinet on the market that will fit in that trunk.  I’m SURE it’s the largest SOUNDING cabinet that will fit in that trunk by far.
One comment on the padded cover:  I prefer the covers for my ST and BB2 with the Velcro strap on the bottom to help protect that side and keep the cover from coming off.  I would have liked that feature in the TWO10 cover as well. Small grievance though.
Thanks again!”

Chris USA 07/04/2018