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Custom impedance STOCK speakers (G10 Vintage / Vintage 30)

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NB: This is an add-on product, so must be added to the cart along with the Barefaced guitar cab you're ordering.

If you want a stock driver in a different impedance (G10 Vintage in our 10" guitar cabs, Vintage 30 in our 12" guitar cabs), please choose it here. This is a small charge to cover ordering and delivery of a non-stock component and/or production of a custom item, so the charge is the same whether you need one or two speakers and whether or not it's a G10 Vintage 10" or Vintage 30 12".

If the speaker is going into a single speaker cab then please choose that option. If it's going into one of our two speaker guitar cabs then please select parallel (total impedance is half the individual driver impedance) or series (total impedance is twice the individual driver impedance).

212 cab wiring Driver impedance Cab impedance
Custom Parallel 8 ohms 4 ohms
Custom Parallel 16 ohms 8 ohms
Standard Series 8 ohms 16 ohms