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Celestion G12T Hot 100 - Classic

Speakers can only be purchased as an upgrade to a cabinet and are not sold separately.

Celestion G12T Hot 100 - Classic

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The entire range of Celestion guitar speakers is available for all our guitar cabinets. The cabinet must be purchased separately and the drivers purchased here as an add on.


Celestion G12T Hot 100

With a massive 100W power rating, this speaker sits perfectly in high-power or hybrid amplifiers. The G12T Hot 100 voices a modern sound with a big bass presence. 
Power rating 100W rms
Impedance 8 Ohms or 16 Ohms
Sensitivity 97dB
Frequency Range 80Hz -5000kHz
Magnet Type Ceramic
Speaker Weight 3.2kg / 7lbs
Weight difference against stock driver -1.5kg / -3.3lbs
Frequency Response