Barefaced Bass - Ultra lightweight high power bass guitar speaker cabinets

Custom Tolex (10CR & Guitar only)

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Want custom tolex on your 10CR or Guitar cab? We can wrap your beloved cab in any of the options below! Use the text box to let us know which one tickles your fancy. 


Any of the 10CR bass cabs can be wrapped in our British racing green guitar tolex for £50. Simply select the option from the 'tolex type' drop down.

Choose from the colours below and enter the one you want into the text box to proceed. Can only be purchased with a cabinet.  

Please note returns are not available for customised cabinets. 


Guitar Green

10CR Black

12XN Textured Paint


Black danger noodle skin

Black danger noodle skin 2

"Comet me brah"

That one we haven't named yet

Best western

Black sparkle pony

Crumplestiltskin black

In the navy

Carolina blue on my mind

Mermaid princess tail sparkle

Crinkly navy

Un-teal next time

The Hulk's dead skin
(Guitar green)

Sea foam green
(But sea foam is white!?)

This green has regimented lumps

Dirty Alligator

Mars surface

Cheap Sofa

Cowboy skin

Student kitchen counter

Cheap car seat brown

Dried meat



Burnt toast

Kel loves Orange soda

Terry's Cocolate...

Fairground Goldfish

Moody danger noodle skin

Wine red

Roxanne's light

Superman's cape

Grandmas biscuit tin

Sparkle blood

Moody red crinkle bum

Red with squares

Red with squares gone wrong

Days of fuchsia past

Purple drank

Mellow Yelow

Need for tweed

Sparkley gold lycra based 70s dance moves

Au -some choice...

Floor toast

Bland loaf

Sparkly white noise

Silvery lumpy good

The best thing since sliced bread

Love not Slate

Dirty carpet

I don't like colour

Why-ite sparkle

wobbly crosshatch white

Charity shop jacket

Pearlised Abalone