Barefaced Bass - Ultra lightweight high power bass guitar speaker cabinets



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24" x 24" x 18.5"
61cm x 61cm x 47cm
24 kg / 53 lbs
360 degrees horizontal & vertical
25Hz - 160Hz
2000W peak
1400W RMS long-term burst
1200W RMS continuous
180-264V / 50Hz (230V nominal) 
90-132V / 60Hz (110V nominal)
(internally switchable)
130dB - similar to typical 2x18" DJ subs


Anyone who has heard our bass cabs knows we're pretty much the best at getting huge lows with great tone out of a tiny cab that weighs less than it should. So it's pretty obvious that a Barefaced subwoofer would be a force to be reckoned with!

This is what matters if you want a great PA sub:

  • A really rigid cabinet built tough for the rigours of gigging.
  • A driver with a stiff cone, powerful magnet, massive voice coil and huge excursion.
  • An enclosure that's properly optimised with big reflex ports.
  • An amplifier with a ton of real power and serious current delivery into difficult loads.

Professional tour sub sound quality

This subwoofer has all that. In terms of sonic performance and sheer output it's just like any top price pro touring 1x18" and if you've compared one of them head to head with typical semi-pro gear you'll know how much more potent they are.

Compact size, ridiculously low weight

Unlike those pro touring 1x18" cabs you can move this on your own - it's the size of a typical 4x10" bass cab and weighs about half as much. It's probably lighter than your band’s 1x12" 15W valve guitar combo.


You get what you pay for - factory direct discount

Everything about this subwoofer is expensive (except the price you pay!) - the driver, the amp, the enclosure. We spend the money on the best possible engineering to get incredible sonic performance. Through any shop the RRP would be twice what we're selling it for and if we were a big three letter brand you could add a bunch more on top.


Barefaced monocoque spaceframe enclosure

This is the heart of all Barefaced products - a complex internal spaceframe that interlocks with the outer panels, precisely CNC machined from light yet tough dual density plywood. The end result is uniquely strong, stiff and approximately 60% lighter than a traditional cabinet. Every detail has been considered, optimising the enclosure volume and tuning, the reflex port design, the bracing and the gigging practicalities such as the form format, centre of gravity, handles, and so on.

Faital Pro 18" neo 2400W driver

This Faital Pro subwoofer is a beast. The FEA designed aluminium basket and neo magnet reduce its weight to less than a third of a comparable ferrite driver, whilst reducing distortions and improving transient response. The huge voice coil and motor venting reduces thermal compression for improved output and sonic accuracy and makes it almost impossible to blow. The cone and suspension is built to withstand touring use, being water resistant, allowing very high linear excursion and protecting the driver from abusive over-excursion.

Hypex 1400W amplifier

The Hypex amp can deliver in excess of 1400W RMS into a dynamic load from its extremely low distortion class D amplifier, with an ultra efficient SMPS supporting continuous power levels of 1200W, far more than many so-called 2000W+ subs can manage. The 24 bit audiophile DSP allows us to optimise the system so the enclosure, driver and amp work to their maximum potential, with four presets to suit your needs.

Why do I need this?

You're sick of your band's PA sounding feeble. You're sick of blowing up subwoofers. You're sick of hauling huge heavy subwoofers. You're looking for a subwoofer for your band and you want the best one on the market, that has the right balance of size, weight, output, tone and cost - if you find something you think might be better, let us know!