Barefaced Bass - Ultra lightweight high power bass guitar speaker cabinets

Cloth to steel and vice versa?

This is the one of the most common questions we get.

Short answer: It is NOT possible.

Long answer: We'd love to find a way to make our steel and cloth grill bass cabs exactly the same and for manufacturing reasons alone we really wanted to (that way we could build complete cabs bar the grills and then just fit the grill of choice when we receive an order). But sadly it simply isn't possible - the cabs need to be as strong as possible to withstand the rigours of gigging and nothing must ever buzz, rattle or vibrate in any other audible ways. The only way to do that is building and mounting the steel grill one way and the cloth grill another way.

This means that the steel grill mounts are built into the cab, solidly glued in, and they occupy the same space that is taken up by the frame and (different) mounts of the cloth grills. Once a cab has a steel grill, there is no changing it for a cloth grill. And it's the same with the cloth grill and mounts - once they're glued into place they're not coming out and you can't fit a steel grill to them as they're in the wrong place.

If you're buying a new cab we offer a choice of silver or black grills, or numerous custom cloths (subject to availability). However, we cannot offer aftermarket grills due to limited cloth grill production capacity which we have to reserve for new cab orders (it takes a lot of man-hours to make each grill - and we can't work out how to make a robot do it...)

So sorry, if you change your mind about how you want your bass cab to look in the future, we can't help you change it. And if you buy a used Barefaced bass cab then you can't swap it to the other appearance. Fortunately they all look great though!