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Our brand new 212 Celestion loaded AVD guitar loudspeaker cabinet!

It took over a decade but we finally make the Marshall 412 killer I always dreamed of. It keeps all that tone but solves the dispersion problems which make 4x12” cabs so difficult to work with in rehearsal rooms, smaller venues or any time you don’t have a great PA system with dedicated monitor and FOH engineers. It’s half the size, barely a third the weight and just as loud - you no longer need a big cab to have a big sound. Join the revolution!

You spoke, we listened! The ground-breaking Barefaced Diffractor guitar cabs now feature Celestion Vintage 30 (12”) or G10 Vintage (10”) speakers as standard. Cosmetically you can choose from British Raging Green or Black In Black tolex and either silver or black cloth grills. And if you want a different sonic vibe, we offer the full range of Celestion guitar drivers as customisations.

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"The best guitar cab I have ever heard".

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