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Our brand new 212 vertical Celestion loaded AVD guitar loudspeaker cabinet!

This isn’t just a revolution, it’s an Uprising! A tower of power, featuring dual Celestion 12” drivers with the latest version of our unique Barefaced AVD enclosure for massively improved dispersion and output. The standard Vintage 30 speakers produce oodles of classic guitar tone and handle 120W RMS of power for all but the loudest gigs yet the complete cab weighs only 38lbs (17kg) - and has tilt and roll wheels and three handles for the easiest load-in you’ve ever had with a proper rock rig.

If you want a different tonal flavour we offer the full complement of Celestion twelves to customise your cab, including neo Creambacks to drop the weight to under 24lbs (11kg) or ultra high output Copperbacks for that raw EV tone with 500W of power handling for big amps. Other impedances are also possible as custom orders, to suit your favourite amp.

At Barefaced we know that the PA world’s obsession with polar patterns has hugely improved live sound over recent decades - and that’s why the Uprising 212V and Radical 212H are completely unique designs. Both the AVD implementation and internal electronics maximise the audio performance to suit their driver orientations, details never before seen in the guitar world. You won’t hear this benefit in an ideal room with a perfect mix but in the real world of difficult venue acoustics or bandmates treading on each other’s metaphorical sonic toes, this matters more than you can imagine! So whether you want a full width 212 to look great under your Marshall head or a vertical 212 for the smaller stage footprint and mini-amp aesthetics, we have a Barefaced diffractor guitar cab for you.

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You spoke, we listened! The ground-breaking Barefaced Diffractor guitar cabs now feature Celestion Vintage 30 (12”) or G10 Vintage (10”) speakers as standard. Cosmetically you can choose from British Raging Green or Black In Black tolex and either silver or black cloth grills. And if you want a different sonic vibe, we offer the full range of Celestion guitar drivers as customisations.

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