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AVD guitar cabs

These cabs are a revolution - hence the names! The most popular choice is the Reformer 1x12" but we have a wide range of models and customisations to fill every niche. Scroll down (past the photo links to the models) for a more detailed explanation! As standard our AVD cabs have V30 or G10 Vintage speakers but many of our customers choose custom drivers (for different tone/power/weight etc).
10" detail but fuller and richer thanks to the AVD. Or a tiny ultra-light 12" neo custom cab. (38cm/15" wide - from 5kg/11lbs)
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Redefining the 1x12" guitar cab! AVD = max audibility and big tone combined with super-light toughness. (45cm/18" wide - from 7kg/15lbs )
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2x10" = thicker and louder than an Upsetter. 1x12" = looks better than the Reformer with big heads. (61cm/24" wide - 210 from 9kg/21lbs)
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2x10" = more open mids than a Usurper, killer rhythm guitar tone. 1x12" = smaller footprint than a Reformer. (38cm/15" wide - 210 from 9kg/21lbs)
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From rich 2x12" to down-tuned 15" or anti-gravity high-power 1x12" cunning, under the biggest rock guitar heads (74cm/29" wide - from 11kg/24lbs)
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Super versatile, super portable, super efficient. Open clear mids and highs but the lows can still chug. (48cm/19" wide - from 12kg/26lbs)
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The first truly accurate guitar FRFR cab. Unique omnidirectional AVD-8 enclosure. 45cm/18" wide - 9.5kg/21lbs - 200W/97dB.
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The vertical monster for big heads, downtuning, baritones, mixing 12" and 15" or even 2x15". Scares bassists! (61cm/24" wide - from 19kg/42lbs)
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All models are passive cabs as standard but any can be built with our new Activier modules, giving the choice of mono or stereo, solely active or active / passive, and up to 200W per side.

The product names define the enclosure size and shape - many of the models can be had with a variety of driver sizes, and we continue to add more customisations as people request them.

All but the Reality (the FRFR model) can be had with a huge range of custom drivers from Celestion, Eminence or Jensen. Many models have further customisations for stereo use, ultra-low tunings, etc.

All but the Reality can be ordered as unloaded cabs, not to save money but to fit any unique/interesting/vintage/rare drivers that you like to use - custom machining to fit unusual sizes of drivers is also possible.

All models can have custom tolex or grill cloth.

The Reality 112FR is also a passive cab as standard but can be made active with an Activier. We can make the Reality as a 2x12" version for more output, bi-amping, stereo, lower tunings etc. Email us if you want to be the first to get a 212V (same size as an Uprising), 212H (same size as a Radical) or 212XL (same size as an Upsizing).

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