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Specialist AVD guitar cab customisations

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We have some cool new customisations available for our AVD guitar cabs and here's where to add them to the cart.

1. Dual AVD for Radical / Usurper / Upsizing. The standard versions have a single AVD behind the full-range driver - this gives them a fatter sound and wider dispersion for better audibility. The Dual AVD customisation gets you an AVD behind both speakers. We recommend this customisation if you want a stereo wired cab, so both the left and right speakers benefit from an AVD. We also recommend this if you're having two different speakers within your cab and want to hear the full-range tone from both.

2. Lower tuning for Radical 212 or Radical 112SW or Upsizing. This version removes a secondary tuned port and (counter-intuitively) lowers the tuning frequency of the AVD for deeper lows and increased power handling when down-tuning, playing seven+ strings or baritone guitars. A dual AVD cab cannot also have the lower tuning customisation as the AVD acts as an extra port.

3. Stereo (Bi-Amp) / Mono Switchable wiring. This replaces our standard modular backplate with a custom version that's switchable between Stereo and Mono whilst still retaining the switchable Low-Cut filters. This can be fitted to any dual driver guitar cab, i.e. a 2x10" or 2x12" model. Obviously a vertical cab won't be "stereo" because the speakers aren't side-by-side, hence the bi-amp alternate designation. When in stereo, each half is obviously the impedance of each individual driver. When in mono the drivers are in parallel so the total impedance halved, not doubled (two 8 ohm drivers each in stereo or a 4 ohm pair in mono - or two 16 ohm drivers separately in stereo or an 8 ohm pair in mono). Whatever cab impedance you choose, you'll get the individual speaker impedance you specify and then this custom wiring. Please email if this isn't clear!

4. Ultra-low tuning for Upsizing. This removes both secondary tuned ports to increase the lower frequency range for drop-tuned sevens or baritones, Fender Bass VI's or even bass guitars. Please consult with us if you're looking to use your AVD cab with a bass instrument so we can ensure the speakers will handle the demands.

5. Divided enclosure for Radical 212 or Upsizing. This version replaces the central brace with a solid panel to acoustically separate the two drivers internally. We only recommend this if you're looking to use very different drivers and bi-amp the cab with very different signals going to each driver. This cannot be used in conjunction with either of the "lower tuning" customisations.