Barefaced Bass - Ultra lightweight high power bass guitar speaker cabinets

Production and delivery times

We're going to try to keep this up to date, so check back if you've placed an order and it's running late! 

Updated 28th September 2022.

New orders: 

3-6 week lead time on guitar and 10CR bass cabs. 6-12 week lead time on 12XN bass cabs. (This is for people who have not yet placed an order - if you have already ordered a cab, scroll down to "outstanding orders").

If you need your cab urgently for a gig/tour/session then let us know and we'll see if we can juggle things around and get it to you in time - can't promise anything though!

By quoting a fairly wide window it gives us the flexibility to work most efficiently in terms of production batches and also lets us help out customers who need their cab urgently. Please do not email us asking for a more precise lead time because it's simply not that easy to work out - and not likely to be all that accurate. But if you would like your cab for a certain date then we can check if that's likely to be possible.

If you'd like to pay a deposit now and the balance later then please head across to this page about "extra long lead times". In short this will allow you to use a discount code to buy the cab without paying for all of it and then when we contact you saying we're out to build your cab then you can pay the balance by purchasing a "balance payment product". This does mean you have to process a second transaction yourself but you don't need to choose any options, just the correct value "balance payment product" and the correct region (UK or everywhere else) so that our tax is correct.

Outstanding orders: 

We're currently working on guitar and 10CR orders from August and 12XN orders from July.

If your order is older, please note that we're awaiting a long-delayed order of tweeters (as used in our Super Midget, Reality, One10T etc - not the bigger HF drivers in the BB3/BT3). Due to port issues at New York and a forthcoming strike in Liverpool we're not expecting these to arrive until mid October (these were ordered in March and used to always be in stock in lots of places in the UK and the rest of Europe - but right now there's none anywhere!!)

If you've given us a specific date you need your cab by, please feel free to check in and see how we're going - we don't usually forget but there's a lot to keep track of at the moment. Otherwise, if you can hold on and wait for your order patiently then we'd really appreciate that!

Normal delivery times listed below - there may occasionally be delays outside our control:

Next working day delivery: UK

3-8 working days delivery: Everywhere else