Barefaced Bass - Ultra lightweight high power bass guitar speaker cabinets

Current production status

Updated 24th May 2024

Thank you for checking your order status online - and thank you for your patience, I wish we could make these cabs faster but it's not easy! We're now missing Silke as she's off on tour so we're adjusting to having one fewer person building things - might need to add another human but things are still going out at a good pace.

We are currently manufacturing cabs ordered in the following months:

Guitar cabs: April & May 2024

10CR / 10CRA bass cabs: April & May 2024

12XN bass cabs: April & May 2024

If your order is older then we may be waiting for custom tolex, custom grill cloth or a custom guitar driver - please feel free to email to chase in case something has been missed (or we need reminding to to chase a supplier who's being slow!)

Any cabs ordered more recently are sitting in our "awaiting production" queue and have yet to be cut on our CNC machine. The only exceptions are cabs ordered with an urgent need, that we've agreed we'll rush through for a specific date (for a gig, or session, or tour). If the urgency of your order has changed, please do email us and we'll see if we can get your cab made more quickly. However, if you can hold on and wait for us we'd really appreciate that too!