How the custom options work

Please note that customised cabs cannot be returned according to our one month trial period (Europe only) or distance selling regulations, as they are unique custom products.

Available customisations: 

TopHat pole-mount (ONE 10, Super Midget, Big Baby II)

Grill cloth (all cabs)

Baffle* colours - cab face (all cabs - steel grill recommended)

Coloured Tolex Wrap (10CR and GX/GXII ranges only)

*The baffle is the face of the cab that mounts the speaker, behind the grill.

There are various customisation choices which are available on our cabs. Read the information below to get an idea of what we can do, if you're still stuck use the contact form to find out more from a member of our team! If you need to navigate to the custom options away from this page use the products menu at the top of every page.

Cloth Grills - For our entire bass range you can upgrade your Silver cloth cab to a black cloth cab for a £50 customisation fee. For our entire Guitar range you can order an American cab with a black grill for £50 or a British cab with a silver for £50 extra. Click here to learn more


Tophats or pole-mounts are available here and are only available for the ONE 10, Super Midget and Big Baby II. 

For the 10CR and GX/GXII ranges you can select custom grill cloth, coloured tolex and baffle colours. Please note if you're going to have a custom baffle colour it will not show up through our standard silver cloth grill or any of our custom grill cloth).

For the 12XN range you can select custom grill cloth and baffle coloursPlease note that due to their construction it is impossible for us to tolex the 12XN range.




Custom baffle:

Grill cloth:


If you think of anything else you'd like have a chat to us, we like creativity! However being a small company please accept that there will be some requests we simply wont be able to fulfil. 

If you have any further questions explore the customisation pages, if you still need more info get in touch with the form below.