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Custom guitar drivers (WGS) for AVD cabs

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We can now supply a large selection of WGS's (Warehouse Guitar Speaker) guitar drivers as an extra cost customisation for our AVD cabs. Please visit Lean Business's site here to see the choices:

The prices you see on the Lean Business site are the inc VAT prices. If you're in the UK then that's what we'll charge you. If you're outside the UK we will deduct 20% VAT from their prices.

Email us with your choice of speaker (please don't choose something that is out of stock unless you're prepared to wait!) and we'll add that product at its current price to this page, so you can add it to your Barefaced AVD guitar cab order. Don't forget that we need to know the speaker impedance you're after - most have a few choices and not all will always be in stock!

Hope that's all clear - if not, email for help!