Barefaced Bass - Ultra lightweight high power bass guitar speaker cabinets

Unloaded guitar cabs

Yes, you can have an unloaded Barefaced AVD guitar cab to put your favourite old speaker into. This approach won't save you much/any money because selling unloaded cabs is actually more work for us and as an OEM we pay a lot less for current Celestion speakers than you will - that's why an empty stock Reformer 1x12" is only £30 less than one with a V30, and an unloaded Radical or Uprising 2x12" only £50 less than a complete cab. If we have to custom machine the cab to fit your speaker then there's no discount vs a cab loaded with a V30 because of the extra design work involved.

However, if you want to hear ALL the tone from your favourite speaker(s) then putting it in the right AVD cab is a great way to go. And almost as satisfying as the improved tone, if you gig a lot you'll love how light weight a Barefaced AVD cab is. The downside is it isn't the cheapest way to do things - but sonic satisfaction is almost priceless (and medical assistance for bad backs is far more expensive than nice lightweight guitar cabs).

Barefaced AVD cabs are not built like typical guitar cabs, so it isn't a simple case of you screwing in the speaker from the back. We've made a page detailing everything you need to know about having an unloaded 12" cab, which allows you to fill in all the details and then add the "no speaker customisation" to the cart for a nominal cost of £1 (Shopify won't let us create a product with a price of zero).

Unloaded 12" AVD guitar cab customisation page

You then need to go to the product page for the relevant 12" AVD cab (Reformer, Reformer Wide, Radical, Uprising) and add the cab you want (choosing the right grill cloth and tolex) to your cart. You can then add the discount code at the checkout if we're not having to do any custom machining for your order.

Discount codes are:


(£30 off)


(£50 off)

Obviously you can still go to the custom tolex and grill cloth section and add those cosmetic customisations before completing your order.

Hopefully that makes sense - this level of customisation is not what online shopping sites are designed for, so making it possible for you to order such unique gear via our site requires a fairly convoluted buying process. If you're confused about anything, email us!