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Delete speaker option (add-on customisation for guitar cab)

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No, this doesn't get you a cab for £1 (one British pound). You have to choose the cab you want from our range of products (don't forget to choose the right impedance and the cosmetics you want) and then add this customisation product. (£1 is the minimum product price that works on our online shopping platform). If you already own a speaker that you love, then you can choose to have the stock speaker deleted and have the baffle adjusted to fit your particular driver. 


We don't recommend this to save cost - even with a standard cab it's more work for us because we have to build your cab, then fit one of our speakers, fit the grill, test it and then remove the grill, remove the speaker, and then refit the grill. And it won't save much cost because we get the stock speakers a lot cheaper than retail prices and the reduced weight doesn't affect shipping cost - because the size is what matters on cabs this light in weight.

We used to ask you to fill out a form with things like the bolt circle diameter, baffle hole cut-out, speaker weight, etc. It's much easier now - just select either Celestion standard (most guitar speakers are this size), EVM or other (choose other if you're not sure). If you choose other then please email us on with the name/model/number etc of the speaker so we can check the details. Feel free to email us with any questions before placing an order!

All our cabs now have a new version of the AVD that both fits and works optimally with alnico, ceramic (ferrite) and neo magnet speakers. We have not checked the dimensions of all alnico magnet speakers so please let us know if you're going to use a non-Celestion alnico so we can ascertain if your driver will fit without further custom machining. You can send us speakers to fit (rather than fitting them yourself when you receive the cab) but we won't be liable if they go missing or get damaged - we'd generally only recommend posting us a speaker if you're in the UK, especially if it's a vintage or discontinued model.

10" Celestion standard:
Bolt circle diameter (BCD) = 245mm (9.65")
Baffle hole (speaker hole) diameter = 229mm (9.02")

12" Celestion standard:
Bolt circle diameter (BCD) = 297mm (11.69")
Baffle hole (speaker hole) diameter = 283mm (11.14")

If you choose EVM or "any other speaker" then your cab will be a custom order and cannot be returned (or cancelled once we start making it). If your cab uses standard Celestion machining then our usual rules apply (see FAQ) - and with standard machining you can use the following discount codes for an unloaded cab:





PLEASE DO NOT GIVE US THE WRONG DATA - it'll be an expensive mistake for you and frustrating for all concerned!