Barefaced Bass - Ultra lightweight high power bass guitar speaker cabinets

Custom Baffle colors

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Fancy injecting some colour into your Barefaced cab? We can spray the baffle any of the colours below. Use the text box to let us know which one tickles your fancy. 

Baffled by the baffle? The baffle is the face of the cabinet with the speakers mounted in it. Our cabs come with steel or cloth grills. If you choose a silver cloth grill you wont see the baffle at all so the customisation is only available on our steel grill cabinets.


Choose from the colours below and enter the one you want into the text box to proceed. Can only be purchased with a cabinet.  
Please note that colours display differently online compared to real life. The black steel grill also makes the colour appear darker.

Please note returns are not available for customised cabinets.