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Upsetter 110 / 112N

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It’s a single 10” driver with a bigger warmer tone than a closed-back 1x12” but the room-filling clarity and air of an open-backed cab. It’s so light it weighs less than a guitar in a case and so small it’s almost airline hand luggage!

The standard speaker is a Celestion G10 Vintage and you can choose from silver or black cloth grills and British Raging Green or Black In Black tolex. And if the G10 Vintage isn’t the tone you want then you can choose to have literally any Celestion 10” guitar speaker in the Upsetter 110.

And if you'd like a bigger 1x10" cab, either to look good under a larger amp head or for the even bigger tone made possible by a larger enclosure, you can instead choose a custom Reformer 110W.

We also have an unique option of fitting a custom-made Upsetter cab with one of Celestion's neo 12" drivers - yes, a 12" will (only just!) fit into this tiny cab. If you'd like to choose this customisation then you can select it in the "Impedance and Speaker Configuration" drop-down. You'll need to also select your neo 12" driver and add that to the cart - there's a choice of the Neo Creamback, Neo V-Type and Neo 250 Copperback.


Stock - G10 Vintage Custom - Min/Alt
(H x W x D)
33.5cm x 38cm x 28cm
14" x 15" x 11"
Weight 6 kg / 13 lbs 5 kg / 11 lbs (Ten30)
Driver Celestion G10 Vintage Four other Celestion tens to choose from
Enclosure design AVD
RMS power handling 60W RMS 30W RMS (Greenback/Ten30)
Nominal Impedance 8 ohm 16 ohm


  • Innovative internal design - Barefaced AVD enclosure for superior audibility, efficiency and power handling
  • Low-cut filter toggle switch
  • Choose from the entire range of Celestion 10" speakers. Celestion G10 Vintage fitted as standard.*
  • Either a black or silver cloth grill with white piping.
  • British Raging Green or Black in Black tolex.
  • Single top strap handle
  • Rubber feet on base
  • Dual combi 1/4” + speakon sockets

*Additional customisation fee applies. See below.


Traditional guitar loudspeaker designs.

There are basically two sorts - closed-back and open-backed. Open-backed because they were combos and needed to keep the valves cool and accessible for servicing, closed-back and sealed because that’s how most speakers were made in the 1960s.

How does that affect using them?

The closed-back cabs have narrowing dispersion as frequency increases (a hi-fi speaker uses smaller speakers for higher frequencies to reduce this problem). The open-backed cabs fire sound out of the back as well as the front, so although the dispersion narrows from both front and back in much the same way as the closed-back cab, the sound coming out of the back helps fill the room with mids and highs - but that sound out of the back cancels out most of the lows (due to the inverted phase as the back of the speaker pulls when the front pushes and vice versa). In other words, open-back cabs are easier to hear around the room but the lows are thinner.

How is the Upsetter 110 different?

From the front it behaves much like a closed or open-backed cab. But the mids and highs coming out of the AVD at the back are amplified and dispersed around the room whilst the lows are inverted to match the lows from the front, giving lots more bottom. Basically you get twice the output of a closed back cab with an identical speaker AND even better dispersion and audibility (and far far greater output) than an open-backed cab

What is AVD?

You see it when you look at the back of the cab - it’s the Augmented Vent Diffractor. It’s a unique patended technology that we started developing back in 2013. At low frequencies it acts as a tuned vent or Helmholtz resonator, improving efficiency, power handling and output. At mid and high frequencies it acts to diffract, disperse and couple the sound with the room for improved audibility and output especially in rooms with poor acoustics.

What is the Lo Cut filter for?

The increased low frequency output from the AVD may be too much for some guitarists’ tastes - so you can flick this switch and remove lows at the cab. Doing so not only changes the bass response but also increases the power handling of the cab, lowers the distortion due to motor excursion and reduces the load on your amp’s output stage. This can give you two different sweet-spots of optimum speaker overdrive or break-up and two different sweet-spots of power valve overdrive. If your sound is perfect in rehearsal but too dirty at a louder gig then engaging the Lo Cut filer will clean it up.

Customer feedback

26/06/24 - Upsetter 110 - UK

Hi Barefaced folks,

The cabinet arrived, everything in good shape, initial impressions are IT SOUNDS WONDERFUL.



06/06/24 - Upsetter 110 - Colombia

Yesterday I finally received my cabinet here in Colombia.

It sounds beautiful and it looks beautiful!



30/05/24 - Upsetter / One10 - UK

I already have an Upsetter with a speaker rated at 60w @ 8ohms. With your activier amp is that rated at 100w into 8 and therefore safe to use with this cab?

Can they be retrofitted?




Hi Steve,

Unfortunately they can't be retrofitted but you can use your current cab as an extension speaker for more output or stereo. Our experience regarding power ratings with solidstate amps is that you're absolutely fine using an amp rated at double the speaker's power, as that gives you 3dB of clean headroom even when cranked. As always with amps and speakers, you can't 100% guarantee that something won't get blown but the risks are no greater than using lower power valve amps because valve amps can be pushed so much harder and still sound good, which raises the average power level and it's the average power level that overheats and kills speakers.

Best regards,



Hi Alex,

Thanks very much for this. I don't need another guitar cab at the moment, the one is enough for my needs. I think I may go for an Orange PedalBaby as I have what I need in terms of pedals and a valve pre-amp.I'm still loving my 2 OneTens and this Upsetter too! I have been running the Upsetter from my Vox MV50 clean (pedals in front for the sound) which was loud enough for a large hall gig but it's been a bit unreliable and I need to upgrade.

Thanks again for your prompt response.



12/02/24 - Upsetter 112N - USA

Finally got to open it up with the cab and holy moly, that thing was CONCUSSIVELY loud in that room. I couldn't believe it. I had the amp turned up to about practice volume and it was still more than enough. I got compliments on my sound all night. Definitely got a lot of nice questions from the other guitar players and talked the brand up :)


24/01/24 - Upsetter 110 - Germany


Hi Alex,

the cab arrived yesterday. I was a bit anxious before testing it, because I saw no easy way to return it if it turned out it wasn't my cup of tea - but thankfully it is :-)

It's a very pleasant-sounding cab, and it is smaller and lighter than my current option. I'm also positively suprised how noticeable the effect of the AVD is. The cone of sound is so much wider than with a regular cab! I'm now eager to try it out in a live setting. Thanks for your support!

Best regards



26/01/23 - Upsetter - UK

I forgot to thank you for the cab - I am completely blown away by this thing!

I’m already thinking about adding the matching 2nd cab 😉


13/01/22 - Upsetter - UK

I’ve been happily gigging my Upsetter 110 since ownership - it suits my needs very well.


04/11/19 - Upsetter 110 - USA

Loving my 1x10, it’s paired with a 1 Watt Marshall JTM145CS and it breathes fire!


10/3/19 - Upsetter 110 - UK

I have a GX British and am blown away with it. The dispersion and oomph is very impressive. So much so I just ordered another one! Opted for the 10" due to the dinky weight and size. It can sound a little brittle still with especially with Blackface type circuits but most likely will calm down once the speaker has been played in a bit. I suspect the 12" will be the most popular as most folk won't have experienced what the tiny GX is capable of

28/01/17 - Upsetter 110 - USA

 "So, a bit of a review having just used my new GX for the first time in anger at band rehearsal. Firstly I need more time to fully assess the sound compared to my Celestion V30 loaded, LARGE 1x12. It sounds different but given that the V30 is widely regarded as the best guitar speaker in the world I think that is quite saying something! Next: what a joy to be able to navigate it out of the house without hitting walls and door frames in the process, and I can't believe how light it is. It weighs nothing! My poor old back can't believe it. Then the biggest plus was comments from the band about it being crystal clear and an "enormous sound coming out of a little box like that". Best thing for me was I could hear myself no matter where I stood, - in front, at the side and behind. This made me very happy I must say and I'm thinking it's a keeper #barefacedaudio"