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Activier - 200W guitar amp module for AVD cabs

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Want your new AVD cab to have its own amp built in? Have the choice of using it with any valve amp or running straight from your pedalboard? Mono or stereo? 200W RMS per channel into 4 ohms for max SPL or hold it back to 50W into 16 ohms for safe use with speakers rated as low as 20W.


"It's pronounced ACT-EE-VY-ER" 

You lucky lucky guitarists! We might have started working on the electronics for our first bass amp in 2017 but the skinny stringers are the first to get a Barefaced amp product! We've combined a really nice preamp design which is super clean and accurate with a crazy efficient amp module. This miracle of tone (or maybe absence of tone?) and power has been squeezed into a tiny package that fits into every single AVD guitar cab we make, right from the tiny Upsetter 110 to the bassist-scaring Upsizing 215.

There are two choices for the Activier - the 1 (single channel, i.e. mono), and the 2 (dual channel, i.e. stereo). The Activier 1 has a single input, single gain knob, and single external speakon for an extension speaker. The Activier 2 has two inputs, two gain knobs and two external speakons. Logical!

Although the preamp may appear very simple (it's just one jack and one knob per channel!) it's actually rather clever. Although we expect 99.9% of you to plug a pedalboard, modeller or other bit of outboard kit into the Activier, you can actually plug your guitar straight in without suffering tone suck or noise. And that one knob controls a preamp which can reduce the signal down to zero (minus infinity dB gain) or increase the level by 30dB (which is a lot!)

The standard configuration for an Activier cab is that we connect the power amp to the speaker internally, just like in many combos. But if you want even more flexibility you can choose "With speaker inputs", so we also install our usual rear dish/inputs and provide a jumper lead to go between the Activier's external speaker out and the passive inputs. Yes, this one cab can be both your active modeling solution for super convenient gigging and also the studio tone monster with your beloved tube amp!

The Activier 2 can be fitted to any of our AVD cabs, you don't need to choose a two speaker model. If it's fitted to a single driver cab like a Reformer 112, Channel 2 is not wired internally but sends signal to Speaker Output 2 for you to connect another cab - so you have a stereo set-up with the Activier cab as your master, and any other cab as your slave. And with the Activier 2 module, if you only plug something into Input 1, Channel 2 is automatically slaved from that signal. Plug into Input 2 and then it drives Channel 2 separately. You can even choose to have a dual driver Barefaced AVD cab fitted with an Activier 2 but still wired mono, keeping the second channel for your slave cab.

And as with all of our cabs, you can choose from a cornucopia of different guitar drivers to suit your tonal and loudness needs.

Power? 200W per channel into 4 ohms, 100W/ch into 8, 50W/ch into 16. We'll work with you on choosing the right driver and the best impedance for that driver to give you the amp output/headroom you need while minimising the risk of blowing things up on a loud gig (it's far less of an issue than with valve amps).


Activier 1 = 694g / 1.5lbs

Activier 2 = 775g / 1.7lbs

Weight increase for Activier 2 vs passive AVD guitar cab = 600g / 1.3lbs

(Standard guitar backplate weight = 175g / 0.4lbs)