Barefaced Bass - Ultra lightweight high power bass guitar speaker cabinets


Since 2008 we've sold the vast majority of our cabs direct, straight from our factory here in Brighton however we have had two dealers here in the UK and a distributor in Japan.

The UK dealers were:

The Bass Gallery (Camden, London)

Anderton's Music Co. (Guildford, Surrey)

Andertons' no longer have Barefaced because we had to to cut their margin to make it financially viable for us - unfortunately everything we make costs a lot to make! I believe The Bass Gallery may have some cabs in stock but call them to check if you're planning to make a trip to/across London.

We did briefly have a Japanese distributor:

ORB Co. Ltd (Osaka, Japan)

Again, it didn't really work in terms of margins, factory capacity and logistics, so for now that is on hold. As with almost all countries, we sell direct to Japan.

Why don't you have more dealers? I really want to try a cab!

  • Our cabs cost a LOT to make
  • Adding a distributor and/or dealer margin would push up the prices and/or cut into our profit - and neither works. We've tried it in the past and it's either a loss-making or at best proposition.
  • Once you count up all the options across our basic range of (already!) 19 models of guitar and bass cabs, there are literally a few hundred variants available. And then add the customisations and it goes into the thousands. No distributor or dealer is going to be able to carry all this stock.
  • Finally, we believe that our email consultation is actually better at matching player with cab, than trying a cab in a shop. It does however require a leap of faith - but we've been doing this for 15 years and searching the internet will prove that we're very very good at this!

So how can I choose the right cab for me?

Just email us - we'll ask the right questions and based on your answers we'll recommend the right product. Looking back over the last five years we have a much better than 99% success rate at matching musician to cab.

We do it by email because the boss here, Alex, is the only person with the strange brain ability to get inside your tonal and sonic requirements and suss out how you and your gear will match with the right cab to get the sound and and output you need. And being the boss of Barefaced he has many plates to keep spinning and he talks too much on the phone* so email is far more efficient! *Too many customers with too many good music/band stories!

How do I become a dealer?

Much as we'd love to have Barefaced gear in every guitar shop on the planet, it's simply not viable economically. Our cabs cost so much to build compared to normal ones and we're not making a big profit margin on them, even selling direct.

If we sold more and more through shops, then we'd have to charge more and more for the cabs to make up for the cost of giving the distributors and dealers their margins. And then we feel that although Barefaced cabs would still be worth the higher price, it would be much harder to get people to try them.