Barefaced Bass - Ultra lightweight high power bass guitar speaker cabinets


We sell the vast majority of our cabs direct, straight from our factory here in Brighton however we have two dealers here in the UK and a distributor in Japan.

The UK dealers are:

The Bass Gallery (Camden, London)

Anderton's Music Co. (Guildford, Surrey)

Both carry a selection of our more popular cabs. No customisations possible because of the stock control nightmare that would entail! No one month trial period - because you can visit the shop and try it!

And the shops - they are proper destination shops! The Bass Gallery is like a tardis, so much gear in a shop that looks so small on the outside, plus Sei Basses are made there by the owner Martin Petersen. Anderton's looks pretty big on the outside but goes back and back and back - it's a huge shop but with the service you'd get from an excellent small shop and literally millions of pounds worth of amazing gear. 

The Japanese distributor is:

ORB Co. Ltd (Osaka, Japan)

We still sell direct to Japan (if you want something that ORB don't stock, as they only have a very limited range) but it's great to have representation there as the language barrier is quite large!

How do I become a dealer?

Much as I'd love to have Barefaced gear in every guitar shop on the planet, it's simply not viable economically. Our cabs cost so much to build compared to normal ones and we're not making a big profit margin on them, even selling direct. As only a small portion of our turnover goes through our dealers, we can afford to keep the prices the same despite them needing to take a cut. But if we sold more and more through shops, then we'd have to charge more and more for the cabs to make up for the cost of giving the distributors and dealers their margins. And then I feel that although Barefaced cabs would still be worth the higher price, it would be much harder to get people to try them.

So sorry, unless there's something special you can bring, then we can't support any more retailers.