Barefaced Bass - Ultra lightweight high power bass guitar speaker cabinets

Import duties

This is an understandable worry for people buying an expensive product from overseas! But fear not - for most of our customers it isn't a significant issue. 

1. You're not paying anything extra - you're just seeing this cost separately

If you buy a speaker cab or effects pedal where you live, then you will pay the relevant sales tax. And if it was made overseas (often the case, even with local brands) then you'll be paying import duty too. So buying direct from Barefaced, yes you'll see this cost separately but if you buy a similar (but inferior) thing from a shop you'll be paying those costs, it'll just be hidden in the retail price!

2. We won't charge you VAT if you're outside the UK.

We charge our UK customers 20% VAT on our products.

Now that the UK has sadly left the EU, our overseas customers are not charged VAT (hence the prices sometimes being lower despite the greater shipping cost).

3. Import duty is v low in many countries.

The import duty charged on loudspeaker cabinets and effects pedals from the UK is quite small, just a few percent in the countries that we mostly sell to (USA, Canada, EU, Australia, NZ, Japan). The other charge that is likely is the sales tax or value added tax (VAT) that is applicable to the country that you live in.

If you're in the EU, there is no import duty (due to the post-Brexit trade agreement implemented in 2021) and the VAT is around 20% (it varies by country).

If you're in the USA the total import duty and sales tax is usually only around 5% (no guarantees but that's what we've seen over the last decade).

In Canada it's about 20%.

I can't remember any others of the top of my head but do please let us know what it cost where you live and we'll add more info to this page.

4. Import duty into some countries (much of South America) can be VERY high!

If everyone plays locally made gear where you live, then that's likely to be because the government has imposed very high import duties to encourage manufacturers to set up factories in their country. This isn't the case for most of our customers but please do check before you get a shock!