Barefaced Bass - Ultra lightweight high power bass guitar speaker cabinets

No logo? Different logo? Anything else badge related...


No badge:

Sometimes people ask us if they can have their Barefaced cab without a badge on it. This is something we will not do under any circumstances - we are a very small business with a very limited marketing budget and we rely on the excellence of our products to spread the word. Without a badge on them, most people won't know what they are or who they're made by.

Obviously if you want to take the punk approach of covering the badge with gaffer tape, or ripping it off (be warned, it'll leave a mess behind) then we can't stop you doing that - but consider how punk it really is to hide the logo of a small independent business whilst you use products made by massive multinational businesses which are clearly identifiable.

Badge not attached but included:

We also have customers who are planning to customise their cloth grill, maybe with a band logo or similar, and don't want the badge attaching because they want to put it in a different location or maybe leave it off and only attach it if they sell the cab in the future. As above, no cabs leave the Barefaced factory without the badge attached, even if you promise us that that you're going to glue it on yourself. Sorry but it's much easier for us to have a fixed rule about this.

Smaller badge:

We fit the exact same badge to all our cabs nowadays. It was originally designed for our new range of AVD guitar cabs in 2017/2018 and the first of those was the Upsetter 110. We spent a lot of time thinking about the details, especially the sizing relative to our smallest cabs. We're happy with the size of it - it's nice and easy to read at a reasonable distance and it looks cool and makes the cabs look "finished".

Some of you may think it's too large but unfortunately we can't do anything about that - we purchase them in bulk volumes in this one size and to be honest, our supply chain and stock control is already more than complicated enough without having different size badges to track!

Old style / "block logo" badge:

The original logo was designed by someone on the basschat forum back in 2009 with a bit of input from me (Alex), when Barefaced was just a part-time sideline of mine. (It’s an unusual stock font with a bit of size and spacing adjustment plus the text below I added).

For years we were planning to design a new logo that felt more “us” and we finally got down to it before we launched the guitar cabs back in 2018. And that new logo really is our design, hand-drawn over many iterations until we had something we were really happy with, including details like the badge shape, the script slant etc etc.

Moving to a top left location with the new logo made it possible to create a One10T (the new badge leaving room for a tweeter) and improves on stage visibility (v important for us - see "no logo" explanation). Therefore across 2021 and 2022 we gradually transitioned all our bass cabs to the new style logo. It took a long time to update our website photos to reflect this but it's now done! 

However, if you already have a Barefaced cab with a block logo and would to add another bass cab and have them match aesthetically, you can add a block logo customisation to your order:

Alternate badge position:

If you are convinced you're going to use your cab a different way around to how it was designed then you can add this customisation to your order:

This is only available on the One10, Two10S and Super Compact bass cabs - and not on any of the guitar cabs.

Anything else about badges?! ;-)