Barefaced Bass - Ultra lightweight high power bass guitar speaker cabinets

One month trial

There is no better way to find out if a cab works for you than to spend some time using it the way you want to use it! And with an FX pedal, you need to suss out what the knobs do and how it interacts with your gear. So we offer a ONE MONTH TRIAL PERIOD for all non-custom products to all customers within Europe.

This runs from your date of receipt of the cab until your date of returned postage - no trying these cabs in a shop and finding out they don't work on the gig. Use the trial period to give your cab a true workout so you can be confident it will provide you with tone and volume for years to come. Give the cab a good few hours of loud use to both loosen up the drivers and let your ears adjust to your new tone.


1. Custom cabs

If your cab has custom tolex, custom grill cloth, painted baffle, added top-hat etc then it's been custom made for you and cannot be returned. Custom Celestion guitar drivers aren't a problem, they're easy enough for us to swap, so they can be returned. Unloaded cabs with custom machining (baffle hole sizes, BCD etc) can't be returned.

2. Too far away

We can only offer this to customers in the UK and the rest of Europe. Beyond these two regions the shipping costs are too high so it's not possible.

3. Bad purchasing decisions

If you choose to buy a cab which we state is not the best fit for you, then the trial period is no longer applicable and cabs cannot be returned (unless faulty). We like to get involved with helping our customers select the right cab and it's rare that we get it wrong - but we have had cases of people ignoring our advice, ordering a model that we said wasn't suitable, and then them finding it unsuitable. Sorry, not our problem!

4. Contact us if you're considering invoking the one month trial return:

More than 50% of musicians who ask to return their cab change their mind after receiving some helpful advice from us. Sometimes it really is just a case of user error! We know how to best to use what we make, so we can make a difference. If that doesn't get you loving your Barefaced product, then...

5. Contact us to arrange the return:

Should you find your purchase unsatisfactory in any way you have the right to return your cab within the first month, undamaged, for a full refund of both your purchase price and the outbound postage and packing charge. Please retain all the original packaging and do your best when repacking to ensure the cab will survive the return journey - if the cab is damaged due to inadequate protection you will be liable.

If you're in the UK, unless you prefer to arrange an alternative method, returned cabs will be collected by DPD and the cost deducted from your refund. Our smaller cabs cost £30 to return to us, our larger cabs £40. Returns from elsewhere in Europe need to arranged by yourself at your own cost.