Barefaced Bass - Ultra lightweight high power bass guitar speaker cabinets

Super Compact (2022 feedback)

Super Compact - 18th Jan (Australia)

Hi Alex
Attached a pic of my rig.
Sorry I taped up your logo, I didn't want anyone knowing what cab it is - the down side to being light is that it's easy to knick it. 
Crossover point for the 18 sub is high at 250hz, it just seems to work well like that. It's an old movie theatre sub. The SC flys along without those deep bass frequencies to output. Even though it can if it needs to.
The preamp is a vocal channel strip that's very clean, with a very accurate parametric eq and a boring compressor. I use it purely as a utility device. Same with the Orchid DI going in.
All the tone is from the flatwound strings and stupidly huge sounding humbucker in the shortscale bass. 
Think Beatles Taxman tone. 
I have your 10T too that I use to replace the sub (with different crossover settings and cab roles) if playing a venue with really good FOH. Or for home DJing I create a mono stack with the sub and the 10.
With quiet drummers I can just use the SC alone. 
The modularity and range of setups I can have is 1 reason why I love your cabs. I needed lighter smaller gear too - no more 4x10 cabs that barely fit anywhere and are awkward to shift. I got injured at work and stopped gigging for years because the gear was too heavy. Most of all, the tone. The cabs put out what I put in. They deserve excellent input (IMHO any store bought bass amp is not going to utilise the potential of the cab. I'll never buy a 'bass amp' again). Finally, they are totally Buy Well Buy Once.
Thanks for enabling me to play again, and for ending my bass GAS. 
Western Australia