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Using 12XN and 10CR models together?

Short answer: Some Barefaced owners do this and it works very well for them. But it's not something I generally recommend because of the combined tone being unpredictable and because of the very different power handling

Longer answer: It's complicated!

Say you want to use a One10 with a Super Compact, the SC handles a lot more power and is more efficient than the One10. This means you could push the stack so hard that you damage the 10CR in the One10 because you can't hear it distorting above the loudness of the 12X in the Super Compact. There are lots of different combinations of cabs but most of them end up with the 10CR drivers getting hit with as much power as the 12XN drivers, so you either have to not use the full output of the 12XNs or risk blowing the 10CRs.

The other issue is that the 12XN is designed to be a very accurate very linear speaker - so the tone stays very consistent until it runs out of power handling and distorts in a not very pretty way (at which point anyone sensible backs off the power a bit!) The 10CR on the other hand is a much more coloured and non-linear speaker whose tone changes as you push it harder (it starts out adding warmth and fatness, then starts to growl and then grind and then becomes a darker roar as it reaches its limit). If you get a great tone from a 12XN + 10CR rig at one level, play louder and the change in tone of the 10CR may change things in a way you don't like. Furthermore, when cabs work in unison the differences in their phase response changes the combined tone - whilst the phase response of each cab individually doesn't change the solo tone. And a non-linear driver like the 10CR also changes in phase response as it goes louder, thus changing the combined tone more.

To summarise - it's complicated!