Barefaced Bass - Ultra lightweight high power bass guitar speaker cabinets

Vertical or horizontal? Rotating smaller cabs

The default orientation of our cabs is defined by the badge - if it's horizontal then that's the standard way to use the cab. However, if the cab has a second set of feet then you don't have to use it that way around.

12XN - Super Midget, Super Compact & Big Baby 2

The default orientation has the port running up the side but if you have a wider amp head you can turn any of these cabs sideways, so the port runs across the top - the vertical port helps with cooling because of the chimney effect (hot air comes out of the top, cool air enters at the bottom). Having the port across the top still does a decent job of letting hot air out, it just isn't as good at getting cool air in.

A wider lower cab will exhibit a slight increase in low midrange due to the change in the baffle step frequency and boundary reinforcement and a slight decrease in treble audibility as your ears are slightly further off-axis. However, it's not a significant change - try it for yourself, I suspect you'll put your cab whichever way it looks best because any sonic change is so marginal.

The HF waveguide on the Big Baby 2 has slightly wider horizontal dispersion and slightly narrower vertical dispersion when in the default orientation - this pretty much cancels out any change in treble audibility at the typical player position. The Super Midget is almost square so rotating it makes little difference to the sound.

10CR - One10, One10T and Two10S

The default orientation of the One10 is vertical/portrait. This places the external Hybrid Resonator vent underneath the cab, giving the deepest tightest response (as the space between the cab and the floor adds air mass and lowers one of the tuning frequencies). For a fatter sound you can turn it sideways so the cab is horizontal/landscape. If your amp head is too wide to look good on top of the cab then turn the cab sideways and if that makes the sound too fat, try adjusting it with your EQ.

The One10T can be turned sideways but this does put the tweeter right next to the floor - you can correct for any loss of treble audibility by turning up the HF control or elevating the cab on a beer crate etc.

The One10(T) and Two10S are the same height - which means that if you turn them both on their sides they can make a very neat vertical stack. This is a good case for putting a One10T on its side, to stack on a Two10S.

The default orientation of the Two10S is horizontal/landscape. This places the external Hybrid Resonator vent on the side of the cab, giving a big fat sound. If this is too boomy in certain rooms then you can rotate the cab so it's vertical/portrait. Vertical orientation moves the Hybrid Resonator vent to the floor, adding mass and lowering the tuning frequency to tighten up the lows.

Having the cab vertical also brings one of the speakers closer to your ears, which can help with treble/upper midrange audibility. The change in the baffle step frequency and boundary reinforcement is more significant than with other Barefaced cab but it isn't life changing. Try it and do what sounds/looks good.

The default horizontal orientation is very good at getting heard whilst also sounding old school but the vertical orientation keeps most of that sound whilst solving boom or mud sonic problems. If your stage space is tight, your amp head tiny or you want the knobs easier to reach, feel free to use the Two10S sideways and adjust your tone with EQ.

Custom badge orientation

If you're ordering a cab with a cloth grill then you can request we fit the badge the other way around if you plan to mostly use the cab in the alternate orientation -however this customisation will mean that the order cannot be returned/refunded. We cannot move the badge on steel grill cabs because the location is fixed by the grill stamping.

AVD guitar cabs

These are all designed to be used in just one orientation, with the AVD slot vertical, hence us having two different 212 guitar cabs, one the vertical Uprising 212V and one the horizontal Radical 212H. We only make one 210 guitar cab, the Usurper 210, which is horizontal only - stack two Upsetter 110s if you want a vertical version (or persuade us to add another cab to the range!)

You can use an AVD guitar cab on its side if you want - it'll still outperform any normal guitar cab, we'd just rather encourage them to be used the best way around, hence them only having one set of feet as standard.