Barefaced Bass - Ultra lightweight high power bass guitar speaker cabinets

Warranty & repairs

We cover your Barefaced loudspeaker system or FX pedal against any defects in construction, parts or performance for three years from the original shipping date, to the original owner. If you are lucky enough to acquire a Barefaced cab secondhand then please contact us to register as an owner.

We do not officially transfer the warranty from owner to owner because we cannot be sure whether the previous owner treated their cab in a manner befitting its loveliness but we do guarantee to provide good support in the event that your used Barefaced product develops any problems.

The warranty does not cover damage due to any kind of abuse - please note that although our components are very tough they are not indestructible and any attempts to claim despite abuse are unlikely to be successful as it is relatively easy for an experienced technician to determine how a component was damaged.

Please feel free to demand extremely high SPL output from our products without fear of failure but do not waste your time trying to unscientifically find their limits, blown components are expensive to replace.

This warranty is voided by any attempt to modify, improve, or reverse engineer the speaker.

Basically, if you treat our products and company with respect then we'll try to look after you for the lifetime of the product, which should be decades (eventually some of the adhesives holding the cone, suspension and voicecoil together, will start to fail). We want Barefaced cabs to be used for as long as possible - they're too good to waste!


It's very rare that our products require repairs - from the start we've built them to withstand hard gigging lives whilst being aware that our factory is in the UK, we sell 99% of our products direct and our customers are all over the world. If there is a fault or damage then most repairs only require a screwdriver, be it swapping a woofer, compression driver or one of our modular crossover assemblies. However, if more work is needed and it's beyond your tech skill level then we will help you find a solution!