Barefaced Bass - Ultra lightweight high power bass guitar speaker cabinets

Who we are

Barefaced Audio began in 2008 when I (Alex) wanted a better bass cab than anything I could buy - and other bassists wanted some too so that DIY project turned into a business. It’s always been about maximum tone but making that possible in the real world, even when playing bass very loud in rooms with bad acoustics, or playing guitar in a tiny room with the cab pointing at your knees. And the great thing about making cabs that sound good all the time is that they sound awesome at home too - practice with some proper gear!

For over 15 years we’ve applied our scientific musician approach to bass cabs, PA cabs and subs, guitar cabs, FX pedals and amps. Some of these you won’t have seen yet even though we’ve been working on them for a long time (bass amp design started in earnest in 2017!) If you haven't heard of us before, have a look through the reviews and feedback on here, or search the internet for what people say about our company and our products - you will be amazed.

Before Covid 19 arrived the team had expanded to double figures but once gigs and tours were paused we had to downsize to half that, due to the massive drop in demand. On the plus side, staff that had been full time on production learnt new skills, we refined manufacturing processes, and did more R&D and product design.

We're now (early 2024) nice and busy, back up to ten staff and working fast and efficiently and enjoying making the best guitar and bass cabs we've ever made (the best guitar and bass cabs that ANYONE has ever made?) and sending them to very happy customers all over the world!

Meet the team:


Alex - Chief Engineer

I started Barefaced! So I'm chief engineer and ideas person, I deal with all the enquiries (email only - I'm far too chatty and inefficient on the phone!) finances, boring company director stuff, etc. I also like to work in the factory building things because building things is satisfying but of late having to talk at a camera for YouTube etc has been getting in the way of that...

When I'm not doing Barefaced I'm wrangling my three children, riding my mountain bike or trying to get an album recorded with my new-ish vocals/bass/drums trio "The Decline And Fall".  

Al - Head Technician

Our in-house CNC machine technician, who is also hugely responsible for the release of our recently announced Activier and is helming many other exciting projects that are on the horizon. Al can also step on to the workshop floor at the drop of a hat and run the ship! When he's not here he never seems to stop producing music, more often than not his response to what he got up to the night before is "Logic" 

Lewie - Factory Manager

Another senior member of the Barefaced team, who took charge of factory operations and quality control once Al was bumped up to Head Technician. As manager, Lewie injects humour and an eclectic music taste and knowledge onto the workshop floor. Outside of Barefaced Lewie is a session guitarist for multiple Brighton acts as well as the guitarist for Milkshake and Enemy Within


Ben - Senior Workshop Dad

The most senior member of staff aside from Alex! A Swiss Army Knife in the workshop (when he's here!) Ben runs Bon Guitar Works using his skills to repair and improve guitars for the people of Brighton - so he's now part-time as he's so busy with guitar fettling. Live in the Brighton area and need your guitar serviced? Message him here. Also writes and plays guitar for Hanya and bass for A Basic Fault

Isaac - Office & Logistical Manager

Looks after orders, purchasing and shipping so has many hats to wear. If you ever have a query, the likelihood is that Isaac will be on the other end of your e-mail. An incredibly talented drummer that plays in Duskhouse with James.


James - Cab-builder Extraordinaire

An excellent guitar wielder and fast-working member of the production team, can build a One10 in 10 minutes flat (a world record) plays guitar in various musical projects around the Brighton area (Duskhouse, Harper) and bass for Black Market Karma.


Silke - All-round legend

Departed Barefaced for the best part of 2023 to play bass for Yungblud and drums for Lambrini Girlz! Incredibly hard-working, an invaluable asset to the team and is often dubbed the "Hardware Queen" but covers everything in the workshop. She'll inevitably be whisked away again this year to our detriment.


James - Hardware King

James has been with us since early 2022 - from the moment he was positioned on the hardware table he was a natural. If you ordered a cab within the last year, chances are that James made the backplate and/or put the finishing touches to it before test. James is a multi-instrumentalist that plays primarily with Brighton local Avant-Rockers Baby Gem


Geoff - CNC operator

The newest member of the team - Geoff takes charge of our trusty CNC machine, prepping the panels that are the foundation of all of our cabs and rounding them once built. A real workhorse, outside of Barefaced he's involved in various music projects including playing four strings for Chubby and The Gang.


Davey - Socials and Marketing

Last but not least - we have our social media and marketing guru. Most days are spent meticulously editing 1-minute videos for your entertainment or getting the perfect lighting to take pictures of custom cabs. Currently slamming his head against a brick wall attempting to get to grips with coding for the website. Also a member of Hanya and A Basic Fault