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Alternate filter cap for different impedance guitar speakers

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If you've changed the speakers in your Barefaced AVD cab so that the total nominal impedance of the cab is different to how it left our factory, and you want the low cut filter to still work as designed, then you'll need to replace the filter capacitor with the correct value.

This modification requires using a soldering iron. You cannot do it without this! You will need to desolder the original cap, remove any solder from the holes in the PCB with soldering wick or a solder sucker, and then solder the new cap into place. Finally the cap needs physically securing with a suitable glue (we use a blob of neutral cure silicone sealant).

You don't have to do this if you change your cab's impedance!

Instead can leave the toggle switch set to "low cut = off" or accept that the filter effect has changed - if your cab was originally an 8 ohm cab then making it a 16 ohm cab will mean that the low cut circuit has a much more subtle affect, cutting only the deepest lows. If your cab was originally a 16 ohm cab then making it an 8 ohm cab will make the low cut circuit more extreme, cutting the lows much more obviously.