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Handle upgrade/replacement Kit

Handle upgrade/replacement Kit

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Upgrade kit contents (per handle):
1. Strap assembly (one metal strap, one rubber sleeve, two metal ends)
2. Two metal fittings
3. Two chromed covers (for metal fittings)
4. Two M5 bolts
5. Four nylon washers

NB: The metal strap must be reused from your old handle because the bolt-bolt distances are different on the new handle.

Fitting instructions

(please read these thoroughly and make sure that you are happy doing this - we will not be held liable if you manage to damage your cab or injure anyone!)

Unscrew the existing handle bolts, pushing as lightly as possible on the screwdriver.If you push even remotely hard the t-nut on the inside will pop out and you'll have to take the grill off and a woofer out to get it back in. If your cab is a Midget T and you lose a t-nut you will have to disassemble and rebuild the cab - be warned, this is at your own risk!


How to Screw

Slide the metal strap out of the old handle - you'll be using that with the new handle.
Pull the metals ends off the new handle and slide the rubber sleeve off the metal strap. Cut the rubber sleeve down by between 20mm and 40mm - check how the new handle fits relative to the original bolt holes to make sure you cut the rubber down by the right amount. MEASURE TWICE, CUT ONCE! Slide the cut-down rubber sleeve over the OLD metal strap. Push the metal ends as far as possible onto the strap/rubber. Put one bolt through the outside hole of the steel fitting, one bolt through the inside hole. Place the bolt/fittings over/through the strap assembly and choose which way around fits/looks best on the cab. Put two nylon washers (included with the kit) onto each bolt (so they end up in between the strap and the outside surface of the cab). Using your fingers, get each bolt to engage with the t-nut in the cab. Gently spin the bolt up so that the t-nut cannot fall out. Then tighten the bolt all the way up - moderate force on a medium sized screwdriver is enough, you don't want to bend/distort the metal ends. Make sure that the ends are straight, not wonky!


Check all the bolts are suitably torqued up and that the handles feel safe and secure. We will not be held liable if you fail to install the new handles correctly and damage your cab or yourself (or anyone else!) Pop the chromed covers over the handle ends, they'll click into position - once they're on they're very difficult to remove without damaging them, so make sure everything is right before doing so. Enjoy your new handles - they look good and they're so tough they should last decades!