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Delete speaker option (add-on customisation for 10 or 12" guitar cab)

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If you already own a speaker that you love, then you can choose to have the stock speaker deleted and have the baffle adjusted to fit your particular driver. If you do not require any adjustments to fit your own speaker then please use the discount code EMPTYSTANDARDSINGLE or EMPTYSTANDARDTWIN to deduct £30 or £50 respectively from the cost of the cab.

If your speaker does not fit our standard baffle machining (bolt circle diameter and speaker hole size) and we therefore have to custom machine a baffle for you, then this will be a custom order and cannot be returned.


We don't recommend this to save cost - even with a standard cab it's more work for us because we have to build your cab, then fit one of our speakers, fit the grill, test it and then remove the grill, remove the speaker, and then refit the grill.
And it won't save much cost because we get the stock speakers a lot cheaper than retail prices and the reduced weight doesn't affect shipping cost - because the size is what matters on cabs this lightweight. Please read through the points below and then add the answers to all seven questions in the boxes below.

1. The standard bolt circle diameter (BCD) for our 12" Celestion speakers is 297mm (11.7"). The standard BCD for our 10" Celestion speakers is 245mm (9.6"). If you need a larger or smaller BCD then please let us know in the text box. If the BCD is non-standard then this will be a non-returnable custom order.

2. The standard baffle hole (speaker hole) diameter in our 12" guitar cabs is 283mm (11.1"). The standard baffle hole in our 10" guitar cabs is 229mm (9"). If you need this to be larger or smaller then please let us know. If the baffle hole is not standard size then this will be a non-returnable custom order.

3. We recommend you measure your speaker yourself and do not simply trust a spec sheet. Measure it a few times, a few different ways. If you get the measurement wrong then we cannot help you if the speaker doesn't fit or you get air leaks around the speaker hole. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE US THE WRONG DATA, it'll be an expensive mistake for you and frustrating for all concerned!

4. The maximum speaker depth in the Reformer, Radical and Uprising cabs is 150mm / 5.9". This is the distance from the front of the baffle to the closest part of the AVD, allowing some clearance to avoid tuning problems. The measurement on your speaker is from the back of the front lip of the speaker frame (the bit with the holes for the speaker bolts) to the rear of the magnet, measured parallel to the central axis of the speaker (not diagonally). Most ceramic or neo magnet speakers will fit. Many alnico magnet speakers will be too deep - if your alnico speaker is made by Celestion or has the same magnet dimensions then choose the alnico AVD customisation below, which will allow the back of the alnico magnet to pass through the AVD slot.

5. Deep alnico magnet speakers will only fit and work as designed if the magnet structures are the same size/shape as on the Celestion 12" Alnico models. Please specify this and we will supply the Alnico version of the Reformer / Radical / Uprising enclosure, which has a unique AVD. If this is for the Uprising, please specify if both, top only or bottom only AVD assemblies need to be the Alnico version.

6. The Reformer, Radical and Uprising contain switchable high pass filter and the Radical also contains a fixed low pass filter on one woofer only. As standard these are designed for 8 ohm drivers and series wiring. We need to know your intended 12" speaker impedance and if you want a series (total impedance is double that of one driver) or parallel (total impedance is half that of one driver) wiring loom. Both speakers must be the same nominal impedance in a 212.

7. The standard baffle is strong enough to handle speakers up to ~7kg/15lbs in net weight. A handful of guitar speakers, such as the EVM12L are too heavy for this so will require a reinforced baffle design - please let us know if this is the case for your speaker(s).