Barefaced Bass - Ultra lightweight high power bass guitar speaker cabinets

01/10/23 - Big Baby 3 - USA


I been out on the road the past 18 months with my band and the BB3 has been absolutely amazing. We've been using it for keys, particularly key bass and it sounds great every single night under so many different circumstances. 

Also, it sounds really good on baritone guitar. I know it's designed for bass but with a slight amount of EQ on the amp, it can sound great for baritone as well. 

I'll be buying another one soon.



Alex says: 

Hi Matt,
That's so great to hear! We've just got a baritone guitar here so I'm excited to test it with that - I'm playing a lot of chords on normal 4-string bass through a BB3 and it works so well, you hear every detail.
Best regards,