Barefaced Bass - Ultra lightweight high power bass guitar speaker cabinets

02/02/21 - Radical 212H - Germany

Hi Alex,

Yesterday the cab finally arrived. I had the day off, so I could test a lot.

First of all, man, what an awesome cab. Never heard such a good cab before.

First test in my living room. Had an ENGL 212 with WGS ET65/Invader, drivers I personally like(d) a lot. Played some time to get the tone. Then plugged in to the Radical212. Wow, what a power and clarity is coming out of the box. Just couldn't stop smiling and playing. So much better and the ENGL is a cab which is known a very good one. And even I was not son in the Vintage 30 driver, when I heard them before in all other cabs. Was ok, but here. Love them man... Wow.

Then on the roof rehearsal room. Very very difficult sound situation here. Slanting walls, even walls, very harsh and ice picky sound directly in front of the box, when you move away from the front of the box the sound gets very dark. No power coming to you, even you play very loud, everything sounds thin. We played some times there with my band and it is always a fight with the sound. Plugged in the barefaced, wow. Powerful sound that is almost the same in the whole room. You here a noticeable difference in sound, but way way better. As I said, very very difficult situation there. But it works great.

Then in the big rehearsal room. Today competed against the ENGL 412. You know the answer. The Radical was much clearer, more powerful, louder with the same amp settings, more cutting thru the mix I assume. Outstanding.

And no thoughts about swapping speakers. Just love for the one :D

Now I am selling three ENGL 412 and one ENGL 212 on eBay and will carry my new loved Barefaced around.

I just can congratulate you to your work, passion, time, money, put in your cabs. They are as great as you describe it.

I think my wife will order her bass cab in the next weeks, maybe month, but she definitely will :D

So enough words, just wanna play :D

Stay healthy and best regards,