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04/01/24 - Four10 + Radical 212H - USA

Greetings, Barefaced!

I have purchased a Four10 and a Radical 212H (with two neo-creambacks). I am very happy with them both. The problem is, I can't play bass and guitar at the same time. So, I bought a Boss OC-5 and that gets me close. I use it to split my guitar signal into a "bass" signal, too. The "guitar" signal runs through my guitar rig and into the Radical, and then "bass" signal runs through my bass rig into the Four10.

So far, this setup is working better than I expected and is SO FUN to play through! My question is: is there an optimal way to configure the two cabs? Right now, I have them both on the floor, with Four10 on left and Radical on right. I've been thinking about stacking them with the Radical on the bottom (because it's wider) and the Four10 on top. But, my brain thinks having the bass cab under the guitar cab would be best.

Since both cabs are designed to disperse sound across the room, it makes sense to me that they should be stacked so that the "center" of both cabs is the same. But, I'm sure there are factors I'm not considering that might be more obvious to you all. So, any thoughts on how best to use both Four10 and Radical cabs at the same time on the same source?

Thank you in advance for any insight you're able to share!

Matt Wolff

Hi Matt,

That sounds fun! I think the key thing to remember with this is that the cabs are not dealing with the same sources, so you can really place them wherever you want. I'd be inclined to separate them further so your ears find it easier to separate the two sounds because they're coming from different locations. Or if you want them to sound more like one big sound, put them close together. You can try stacking them either way too. The room will change things quite a lot too.

Best regards,